Hello dear friends

We found some lovely delights today both in Coober Pedy and nearby. While the town is a shanty-type town full of mines and shale heaps on the edges of the town, their dugout churches are quite beautiful. Such a contrast!

I am sharing these pictures with you today because we are moving on tomorrow and will be off-line for the next couple of days. Australia is an interesting country, the vast distances means that modern day technology doesn’t always work in our remote areas.

The Chinese man's house was surrounded by artifacts that he had made.

The Chinese man’s house was surrounded by artifacts that he had made.

We had a funny experience today when we saw a sign saying Lookout and went to take photos. However, the lookout was in the Opal Miner’s front yard! We took our photos and were about to go when the Chinese owner/miner came out and encouraged us.

 “I’ve been here since 1979 from Hong Kong” he said to us.

He invited us into his shanty house to view opals … what could we say? The funny part was when we went inside, it was like entering Hong Kong! Chinese TV was blaring out and we could smell a decidedly Chinese dish (probably chicken’s feet soup!) emanating from the kitchen. Photos of Chinese grandchildren were plastered everywhere.

He may have been in Coober Pedy since 1979 but his heart is definitely in Hong Kong! We felt so bad about taking photos that we bought a rock for $2 from him, with a glint of opal in it.

“A good luck rock” he said, finally satisfied that we had bought SOMETHING!!

Anyway, I’m off to bed … and I’ll see you all in a few days. Enjoy the slideshow that follows …


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