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Hello dear friends, if you’re reading this, you have found the MARCH entries of my diary of my Fitness Journey for 2014. I will be adding to them as the month goes on … drill down to get the latest entry. It is only ONE of the New Year Resolutions I made for 2014. The others are displayed on the ‘My Gym Journey Diary’ tab on the top of my blog.


Sat 1st March 2014                      A new month …  a new beginning

I’ve been so busy and so crook with the flu that I haven’t written too much in the last two weeks. However, I hope to change that with the start of a new month. My fitness journey has been interrupted for a couple of weeks but I’ll be back at the gym next Tuesday to start all over again.

Getting the flu and being away in Hervey Bay to visit Geoff’s very ill sister has been the main reason. There has been so many challenges (of a different nature) these last 10 days that it would take too much time to tell you everything. Just read my main blog posts and you’ll get an idea! See:

Pat phoned me today to say everyone at the gym sends their love and hopes I’ll be back soon. How nice!


Thursday 6th March 2014                         Back to the gym and cries for help

Well, today I went to the gym for the second time this week! Yep, finally I am able to get up and get going again. It feels so good. However, it has been a challenging week with regards to family issues with phone calls from an upset relative who felt life wasn’t worth living and told me he was going to end his life, my sister’s husband who is trying to live since losing his wife, a distressed mother with a teenager giving grief and an aunt who is very ill and is soon to turn 97.

Also, Geoff’s sister from Hervey Bay has been given very bad news about her health: she has a very serious form of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She has been transferred to Brisbane now for treatment. She was also told she has kidney problems and a heart defect. You could say that life isn’t easy at present!

Many prayers went up as I felt totally useless to help in the face of all these things. Feeling powerless can be a good thing at times, because you do not have to come to the rescue of everyone who thinks you can help them. All you can do is listen and love.


Saturday 8th March, 2014                       Motivation and Booting Boot Camp!

Last night, Pat and I went to a Motivation Seminar as part of our Gym Challenge. It is always good to hear the testimony of ordinary gym people (a young mother) who lost 30 kg over a period of time … can’t remember how time actually … but she went from 95 kg to 67 kg. She told us the story of how it all happened and it was very encouraging to know that she could do it. It made my need to lose 10 kg look a bit ordinary!

As we are just ending Week 4, we all reviewed what our goal was in doing the challenge and recommitted ourselves to keep going. I wanted to lose my 10 kg and become stronger. I don’t think this will happen completely during the 9 Week Challenge but I just want to make a start.

Last week, I finally altered my diet after vacillating previously. After being sick last week, I felt motivated to begin eating soups as I felt ill and bloated in the stomach. I found some soup recipes online for the gut and knew I had to begin drinking them. This helped enormously and I actually lost 1.4 kg in a week! This was a pleasant side effect of eating soup so I have decided to keep going with the home-made soup for lunch and dinner for another week.

Pat took me after the gym on Thursday, to visit a friend who makes jewellery at home and then proceeded to pay for the beaded bracelet watch I ordered! She wanted to thank me for the holiday to Coffs which they took when we had our mercy dash to Hervey Bay. Oh, I felt so blessed as I miss the watch I lost while in Hervey Bay.

Pat and I are supposed to attend Boot Camp this morning but we both agreed to opt out as it all seemed too ridiculous for us unfit 60+ year olds! They were fine when we told them we attended another class instead. We cannot believe the support we are getting at this gym. And now, whenever Boot Camp comes up we are going to do some other class instead. We’re booting Book Camp!

I have found myself being challenged this week by another resolution I made this year: to be kinder in my thoughts and actions. I have to give myself some kudos because I am learning. Yeah … I AM learning! It feels wonderful to be able to control my loose tongue … especially with those near and dear to me.


Thursday 13th March, 2014              Losing weight and chasing watches

I was very naughty this week. I skipped the gym on Tuesday in favour of hosting lunch for three dear friends. I blame it on Pat who gave me permission to do this. Whilst trying to work out how to fit it in, she said “Theresa, just give it a miss today!” I promptly did what she said. Oh golly gosh … it sure felt good!

Instead I vacuumed the house in 15 minutes flat before my guests arrived so I felt that was as good a workout as I would get. The day was lovely as we do not often get together so when we do it is always a fairly long session. Who needs the gym when you get an endorphin boost from being with friends?

Today, it was back to the gym again with Pat, but as my back was giving me grief (since yesterday) I didn’t do the Foxy Class as she did. The Personal Trainer (PT) gave me some special exercises to do and I just kept to the walking machine and some hand weights. Now, the good news from today is that I have lost more weight.

Everyone shout “Hooray!!” because that’s what I did.

It has been hard to shift but I have been having home-made soup for lunch and dinner for two weeks and this seems to have helped. I have had a few small normal dinners but mostly its:  soup … soup … and more soup.

We talked to the Manager of the PTs and he gave us some advice about Saturday’s Grit Session as part of the 9 Week Challenge. He will arrange a modified version for us old gals. He is such a gentle South Sea Islander; however, he is assertive with it and wouldn’t let us opt out of the Grit class as Pat suggested. It was funny to watch him talk Pat into the modified version but he would not let her (or me) skip it! I think we need that somehow.

Oh well, I’m finding it hard to get motivated now after the gym and running around the countryside in pursuit of picking up the watch Pat bought me. It’s so nice out and about but I have some computer work I really must attend to. If only I could leave my blog and Facebook alone. Distractions when I can’t be bothered doing what I’m supposed to be doing for a client. Sounds impressive doesn’t it … saying ‘a client?’ It’s a women I’m helping with a website! Must be off to have a cuppa and then start work.


Tuesday 18th March 2014                     Doing Grit, Foxy Classes and Shopping

Well Diary, I survived Grit Class on Saturday … still can’t believe it! Okay, so Pat and I did a modified version but still, we had to do weights and all sorts of weird and wonderful things modified to our age … but we did NOT do burpees. I’m flat-out jumping on the spot let alone laying on the floor and jumping up on my feet. However, the PT Megan was pleased with what we achieved.

I came home on Saturday to recover so that I could be on top when my granddaughters arrived after lunch or us to mind them for the night. I’m not sure how I did it all to be honest … and then cooked a roast dinner for tea. Sunday was just as hectic with both lots of grandchildren, a lot of fun and a leftover roast lunch with our daughter and the children, followed by church that night.

I was so tired I was falling asleep on Monday in the movie Romeo & Juliet that Shirley played to start our Shakespeare class. It was such a nice rest and I’m pleased to say I am much better today!

This morning Pat and I did the Foxy Class which we have come to love. Surely we must have improved to be doing this class? We couldn’t possible have done it earlier. No sooner had I said to Pat “I need to strengthen my legs” when the PT arrived and said “we’re concentrating on the legs today.”  Wow! Did I really do all those leg exercises?

We celebrated by going home for a cuppa, then off shopping for handbags, clothes and a late lunch. What a day! Feeling really blessed … albeit shaky on the legs ha ha.


Saturday 22nd March, 2014                                         No escape from Boot Camp!

Days have gone by since I last wrote … mainly due to being so busy. How am I doing all these things? I had another Foxy class on Thursday 20th but thank goodness the Personal Trainer was a little easy on us that day. Pat and I were soo tired but we kept going and then went home to do shopping and other things.

However today, I have attended my very first Boot Camp … and lived to tell the tale. Up at 4.30am to be at Kangaroo Point (inner city) for a 6 am start, we had no idea that we would be lugging weights, doing lunges and even boxing for about 1-1/2 hours. I even did a lot of jogging … well a shuffling kind of jogging anyway, but it was far more than just walking!

All of the participants after the bootcamp.

All of the participants after the bootcamp.

After the exercises were over, the whole of the 9 Week Challenge participants from the four Go Health Clubs around Brisbane came together for a photo. We all felt as proud as punch for what we had achieved! In the meantime Dan, Bel and the children arrived to see us finish and then we all went to breakfast across the road at some poshy Italian place. Geoff came in. Pat’s husband was already at the park as he drove Pat and I there at 5.15 am this morning.

Pat and I must have looked a sight in our gym gear! And we were covered in grass from doing push-ups on the ground. All and all, I cannot believe I have come so far during these last 10 weeks since we began at the gym

When the Challenge started on 8th Feb. I could not jog or jump. I could hardly get down on the ground and here I was doing a modified form of all these things! Feeling very very pleased with myself at this point. I feel that anything is possible right now. Mind you, I can hardly walk and every limb is aching … it’s the price you pay to get fit I suppose.

P.S. Read the blog I published to find out the story of my Boot Camp Joy:


Saturday 29th March 2014                         Yet another Boot Camp!

Up at 6am this Saturday … certainly better than 4.30 last week. Thanks to the rain the Boot Camp was held at the gym instead of a park nearby in Beenleigh. However, if we thought we would have it easy due to it being indoors, we were mistaken!

No, it was go … go … go for an hour. Again I did things that I never thought I could do. In fact, last week’s Boot Camp gave me a lot of confidence in myself and this week, I went to the gym with Pat on Tuesday and Thursday with a new attitude.

I felt so pleased with myself because I spent many days at the hospital with my husband Geoff and his sister.Their sister Sylvia had pneumonia and almost died but by Wednesday she was sitting up chatting! Going to the gym was a great stress release for me.

Another thing was the joy I felt when I weighed 83.6 kg on Thursday and then 83.4 today! I have lost 2 kg so far and I am really pleased with myself. Only two weeks of the Gym Challenge to go … I do hope I can lose that final 1 kg to make it 3 kg by the 12th April.


If you wish to read the April Gym Journey Diary entries follow this link: or go to the April Entries of the Gym Journey Diary on the top of the blog.

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