Hello all

Well, we’re finally on our way home … albeit the long way home! However, we were determined to enjoy it and make it last as long as possible.

What a day we’ve had today dear friends! Unplanned as it was, it turned out that the little things that happened to us made our day. Let me give you an idea how it went.

We stayed overnight in Mildura (pop 26,000) famous for its raisins, grapes and fruit. We happened to be there with a whole bunch of school children from Grade 1 – 4 who were ending the school term with a stay at a caravan park. Sure, they come from Mildura but this was indeed a treat for them.

I went to microwave my leftovers for tea and arrived in the middle of the children’s meal in the camp kitchen. What bedlam! What mayhem! How delightful to see small children enjoying the thrill of a night away from home. Loved every moment of it.

The Murray River

The Murray River

This morning, we did some Murray River viewing and saw this Mighty River at its very best but when we got to Wentworth where the Darling River and the Murray River meet, Geoff just lost the plot. He did folks. He saw a lock on the river and began talking to the Lock Keeper about how it all works when a small boat arrived to go through the lock.

I could not get him to leave Wentworth until that boat went through the lock. Previously, he was talking to a fellow who had a houseboat called “The Mother of Ducks” and I had to drag him away from there also.

We spent almost two hours in this town while Geoff enjoyed himself immensely doing all things that pertain to rivers and boats, which meant we arrived quite late in Broken Hill 265 ks away. After getting settled at the caravan park we decided to go to the lookout and view the sunset over the town.

Things weren’t going too well in the sunset department as there was no good place that we could see to view it. We ended up taking photos next to a house which partially blocked the view when the occupant came home and invited us in to view it through her front windows!

She had just taken up residence TODAY in that house and she rented it because of the view! Well, we missed the sunset but we did have a lovely chat to Nikki the resident of the house. Oh, we had so much in common! She came from the same area as Geoff near Grafton in New South Wales.

She showed us the beautiful house and by the time we left it was completely dark! But what a thrill it was for us to be invited by a complete stranger into her house to view the sunset. It is the small things like this that make travel delightful.

Another thing that happened today was finding some fresh vegetables – at dirt cheap prices – outside a farm when we took the wrong road to Broken Hill and had to turn back! It was doubly delightful because we had to throw away all our vegetables and fruit when we came into the Riverina area due to fruit fly and we had none left.

With all this good news dear friends, I will now leave you as time is getting away. Forgive me if this post is not perfect as I have typed it up in record time before going to bed! I’ll leave you with this gallery of photos.

Love to all.

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