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MY RESOLUTIONS DIARY ENTRIES: 12th January to 31st January 2014


Hello dear friends, if you’re reading this, you have found the beginning of my diary entries for my new year resolutions for 2014. You can look at the ongoing entries under the  ‘My Gym Journey Diary’ tab on the top of this blog. 


Sunday 12th January 2014:        Anticipations and nerves

Well, here I am as I begin my diary about keeping my New Year Resolutions; particularly the one about losing weight and doing the 9 Week Challenge at Go Health Club’s gym. I hope you will share it with me!

Just about to go to bed. I think everyone thinks I’m crazy for being so scared about starting at the gym tomorrow. The truth is I have spent 2009- 2011 with some annoying health issues and I have only really emerged from these issues in the last twelve months so I am a little fearful about overdoing things and becoming ill again.

Every time I have tried to get fit in the past it only led to me becoming ill again so I virtually gave up. The thing is, it feels like the right time now to begin exercising and losing some weight so that I am fully functioning again … like I was when I was working in the ‘good old days’ … or perhaps I should call them ‘the bad old days!’

I am so pleased I left the full-time workforce behind … I can say that now that I am almost five years retired so it’s time for a whole new life to open up for me. Oh well … one step at a time. Off to bed now and let’s see what tomorrow brings me.

Pat (my friend as well as my daughter-in-law’s mother) sent me a message to say she is so excited about commencing our gym journey … what would I do without Pat? She is an amazing woman and I’m sure we will motivate each other.


Monday 13th January 2014:         The Journey Begins

It is late afternoon as I come to write about the beginning of my Gym Journey. Oh dear … every bone in my body is aching! I feel as if I have been on a vibrating machine and every part of my body has been shaken up. But, it’s all good as I needed a good shake up!

However, I did not overdo things at all really. I just went at a steady pace … a beginners pace.

Pat sent me a text message last night telling me not to be afraid, that she was sure some angels would appear and look after us. I did laugh but as it turned out, that’s exactly what happened!

The people who work at the gym treated us so well that they seemed to us to be ‘angels’. All my fears disappeared into oblivion. I am so glad my first day is over. Now that that fear has been laid to rest, I can look forward to visiting the gym and getting stronger.

Resolution #2 is also underway as I made some new pages (such as this one) on my blog over the weekend and even typed up a new recipe for Lebanese Cabbage Rolls on my Recipe page. I feel very smug about learning to do something new on my blog. I am surprised when I keep learning and having ‘aha’ moments.

Also, as I’m doing some computer work for my brother, I learned a lot about putting ads on my blog … I just need to spend a bit more time working things out. Perhaps after I’ve done this little job for Raymond I’ll know more.

Still trying to discipline my mind with Resolution #3.  I think this one will take a long time to see any fruit for my efforts. Retraining one’s thinking is going to take time and I wonder if I need to put it into bite sized pieces. I’ll have to think about this one and see what I can come up with.

Oh well time for bed … I think I’ll sleep well after the exercise I’ve done today. Do you know what? I think I’ll just give myself a great big tick and a nice gold star for effort today!


Tuesday 14th January, 2014:                 Angels and Demons …

Another day almost over. It has been a rest day from the gym today as we decided that three days a week for 30 mins was enough for this week. Needless to say I did receive a call from my partner in crime Pat this morning and it wasn’t necessarily a good call either.

She was concerned that we are taking on too much with regard to this 9 Week Challenge and felt quite intimidated about continuing. She’d had word from someone that these Challenges could be severe on us older women.  I was shocked! Pat had been my Rock of Gibraltar yesterday as she had been to the gym some years before, but I have never been. She was wonderful and gave me confidence.

Now, it was my turn to reciprocate and be the Rock of Gibraltar back to her. As my hairdresser waited patiently for this phone call to end (how could I fob Pat off when she was really concerned about the whole thing?) I explained that the trainer Scott, had said he would not push us or make us do anything we couldn’t handle. It was all about going at our pace!

Pat remembered this and immediately her confidence appeared to rise and she agreed that we should continue. I told her “We will discuss it further tomorrow morning Pat” as the hairdresser fiddled around pretending to get things ready.

She sent me a text later which is just wonderful saying she liked the Angels/Demons ethos that Go Health Clubs have taken on. The theory being you have an angel on one shoulder telling you “be good, eat right and exercise” and a demon on the other saying “do what you FEEL like doing … eat drink and be merry!”

Pat reminded me that a lady had come over to her on Monday and asked: “Are you going to join the Foxy Lady Group?” Pat said she’d never heard of it! Oh, it was funny and gave us a good laugh. We must look like Foxy Ladies perhaps? I had forgotten all about this.


Wednesday 15th January 2014                Old Biddies are Foxy Ladies

Pat and I were off again to the gym this morning a little earlier than last time which I loved. Getting up earlier reminds me of going to work and getting moving which helps you to achieve more things during the day. The thing about being retired, you think you have all the time in the world, but you don’t. Then you feel as if you haven’t achieved anything … a feeling I don’t like having.

We were visited by another ‘angel’ today while we were using the cardiac equipment in the ‘Go Girl” section of the gym … another personal trainer named Gavin. He was wonderful and told us how to use the equipment properly and ended by teaching us an Arnold Schwarzenegger exercise with weights. Wow! We loved it!

When Pat told him who we were (the owner’s mother and mother-in-law) he replied “I’ve heard about you two! You’re Legends here at the moment.” When I inquired exactly what this meant, he just laughed and said “Oh believe me, you’re well known.” All this leads me to think that they are saying we’re not bad for too old biddies willing to have a go.

Pat is intend on joining the Foxy Ladies group which does group fitness on the cardio circuit machines led by a personal trainer. I’m not sure how often or how long but the name sure sounds great!

We were given gifts of a Go Health towel and water bottle and we felt rather special. It was all happening and we nearly died of shock when a Commando looking man wearing camouflage gear and with face paint on, waved to us and wished us well. He looked pretty scarey to us and we presumed he was doing publicity for the 9 Week  Challenge that we’re going to do.

Oh, I must write that I went and bought some new gym gear today. I feel very chuffed that I can appear looking a bit decent and not just in my normal 3/4 pants and a tee shirt! A great excuse to shop.

Off to bed now.


Friday 17th January 2014                     My First Week Accomplished!

I got out of bed yesterday morning with a creak and a groan and stood on the mat a minute to decide whether or not I could actually walk! Well, yes I could, but with a lot of effort. It would appear that the exercises Gavin showed us on Wednesday had actually taken effect because I could walk easily the first time I did them … albeit wrongly.

My grandchildren arrived late yesterday. Belinda was dropping off  Alice (12) who is staying here for a couple of days during her school holidays. She took Violet (7) with her so Alice and I could have some time together. However, I still managed to go to the gym this morning and do my 30 minutes with Pat. I have to say that I was tired this morning and did not want to go!

Ignoring my feelings, Pat picked me up and we went off … good girls that we are. I know this feeling well as I reminded Belinda whilst chatting to her today while we were out. It reminded me of blogging every day … whether or not I felt like it. The same principle applied and I was grateful for the discipline I learned during my Blog Challenge in 2012. I never realised then how much it would colour the rest of my life but it did.

Anyway, my writing resolution is going along nicely thank you. I am in the process of doing some work for a website client (work I do for my brother) involving doing some ads with Google so I am learning a lot about doing ads. All good because it will help me with my blog.

My resolution to be nicer in my thoughts is far more difficult and I find myself telling God “Sorry Lord” many times a day! Still, it increases my awareness and that is good. Surely I’ll get sick of saying I’m sorry and make more of an effort to change.

I’ve had a lovely day out today with the grandchildren and Pat’s family and I must say that the tiredness I felt about going to the gym dissipated once I was out and about. Now for two days off and back into the gym on Monday. I feel pleased with my effort this week as Pat and I motivate and encourage each other.

Week 1 at the gym is over thank goodness …


Monday 20th January 2014:                 Week 2 and Cups of tea …

Week 2 Day 1 at the gym today. It was hard today. I felt unmotivated after a busy weekend with my granddaughters. I wanted to sit around and watch movies today but no such luck. I was up at 6.30am then off to pick up Pat and be at the gym by 8 am.  A cuppa afterwards was nice at Pat’s house. Her husband David works nearby and came home to have a cuppa with us.

I wanted to go immediately but my husband, who takes us girls to the gym, was feeling socialable and so I conceded defeat! Home again then off to do some shopping while Geoff started the housework. At least, he is not lazy and made up for our socialising by doing lots of housework while I was shopping. I felt most grateful. I suppose each one gives a little and it all works out in the wash.

Maria arrived for tea as planned, bringing her girls for us to mind until Wednesday. It’s hard work but school goes back next week and I never saw much of them in the first four/five weeks of the holidays so I’m trying to stay positive about it. They are darlings and I’m sure I’ll feel better after a good nights sleep, so on that note and as I am dreaming of bed, I can see some zzzzz ‘s in my minds eye … but first, let’s get these girls to bed pronto!


Tuesday 21st January 2014:                  The Temptation of Clinkers …

I lost the plot with lollies whilst watching the movie Frozen today! Yep, I could blame the grandchildren who wanted to take lollies into the movie but if I am going to be an adult I have to say “I could have resisted”. No. Instead, I kept on secretly eating those clinkers, in the dark, as they sat quietly in my handbag so the kids wouldn’t devour them in one hit. Very effective I must say when I devoured so many myself.  Not pretty!

Instead, I think I overdosed on sugar. Oh dear … what can you do when you are the movies with children? It is my first major lapse but I am not going to give myself forty lashes over it. I am going to get up tomorrow and start again. ‘Nough said. Back to the drawing board methinks.


Thursday 23rd January 2014:                     Food … and ‘OTHER’ Temptations

was yet another day of temptation bought on by minding children … well, sort of. I should correct that and add: “minding children AND making and decorating cake pops for hours.” Of course, one is going to lick, taste and do all the things that being involved in creativity with children involves. Guilty as charged.

Our famous cake pops
Our famous cake pops

The girls have gone home now. Today I feel as if I never want to eat another bit of cake or icing or chocolate again! Now, that’s a good thing. Perhaps I had to overdose AGAIN on sugar to know I don’t want to do it for a long long time. However, while I’m at it,  must confess to another lapse.

Last night, my gym buddy Pat and I went to an Information night at the gym for our 9 Week Challenge coming up. Afterwards Pat took me back to her house where Geoff was visiting with Pat’s husband David. Of course, a cup of tea was involved and Pat got out all her goodies: shortbread, three lots of chocolate and some other biscuits! It was all too much and I succumbed to some of the forbidden fruit on offer.

The funniest part was that the instructor for the Challenge told us to hide the chocolates because they were sure to lead us astray once we start! So what did we do? We came home and ate some. Oh well, better to eat them now before the Challenge starts rather than afterwards.

The information we received last night about the weekly ‘Boot Camp’ frightened the living daylights out of me and I told them so too. Apparently, they are changing the name as people are being put off by it. It appears we will be doing some weekly exercises at a park … NOT boot camp! Basically, it’s still the same exercises to be done so who are we fooling?!

I am tired today after my hectic two days with our girls but at least it was an off day from going to the gym so I have been free to potter and do what I please.

Not doing too well with my two other resolutions at the moment … especially the one about being kind. I lost the plot with Geoff on Wednesday when he yelled at the children for what I felt was no good reason. I took the girls and went off to the movies in a huff! Felt so much better when I returned four hours later. We managed to sort it out. An apology was forthcoming to me and the girls though.

Sometimes, kindness is not always the best option to get results it seems! Also I blame some of it on the oppressive heat we’ve been having.

I’ve been too busy minding children – for almost a week on and off – that I’ve had no time to attend to working toward earning any money. I suppose things will improve when the girls go back to school next week so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.


Saturday 25th January 2014:                     Feeling pleased with myself …

Yesterday, Pat and I went off to the gym thus completing our second week of exercising three times a week … oh plus an Information Session on Wed night. We are soooo GOOD!!!

Yippeeeee! It sure feels good. I’ve never stuck at exercising for longer than a week in the last years but this time it feels so right … plus I am taking it slowly so I do not become overwhelmed. I did however, up the ante yesterday on the walking machine and put an incline into my walk which actually caused me to sweat! ME, who says she NEVER sweats! Just goes to show that given the right conditions, anyone can sweat a little.

Pat is ahead of me however, as she is far fitter than I was to begin with. Still, she is wonderful and just lets me go at my own pace … what a support she has been to me! She loves to disagree and say it is the other way around but I suspect that we are a support to one another in fact.

I put a photo of myself exercising on Facebook yesterday – something I thought I’d never do … even though I look overweight in the picture. I thought I should celebrate my two weeks at the gym with the photo plus I got lots of support from friends and family and that never goes astray.

I always feel so productive after going to the gym early in the day but this last week I hit a snag. Geoff, who drives me the five minute drive to Beenleigh where both Pat and the gym are located, has agreed to do a payroll job three days a week for the next two months.

It’s funny but my first thought was: “Oh drat! Who will drive me to Beenleigh??” Geoff’s first reaction on being offered work was “Oh, isn’t this great, it will end my boredom at being home!”

Not once did it occur to him about driving me! Oh well, what can I expect when I am nervous about driving on the highway to Beenleigh? Anyway I have come up with a way around it which Pat agrees will work well. There is always a way! Onwards and upwards …


Monday 27th January 2014:                      Geoff Commences Work

Australia Day came and went on Sunday with far too much eating but what can you do when this day only comes once a year? Live and let live is my belief … I can diet later I told myself. However, today we were better; even though we went out for lunch it was healthy and not too calorie laden.

Pat and I also decided to skip the gym as both of us had had busy weeks (and weekends) so we postponed our activity until tomorrow. It sure felt good!

Geoff begins his casual job tomorrow for two months … only three days a week but it will be good for me because with him gone I can achieve far more than when he is home. As much as I like the company, morning coffee and afternoon pots of tea become long winded and I find myself wanting to get moving. But, as I am of the old school, I hate to get up and run off and leave him … not that he expects me to hang on his every word either. It’s a conundrum it is!

Yes, I know it’s crazy but us older women have been programmed to take care of our man (most of us anyway!). Still, I make use of the time to be productive and to meet friends for lunch or coffee more than I would if he were home.

Here’s to the next three months! Let’s see what happens …


Tuesday 28th January 2014:           Busyness … catching Buses etc etc etc …

I was up early to see Geoff off to work and to go to the gym with Pat. It did feel good to do a work out even though it was hard going after being wide awake for three hours in the wee hours this morning. I tried not to dwell on it and continued on my merry way knowing that I will make up for it tonight (I hope!!)

In actual fact, I am catching the bus up to my daughter’s house late today as Alice (12) is starting High School tomorrow and she phoned and said “Grandma I need you here!” Oh she is funny but I suppose with her father in Timor-Leste it does comfort her knowing she has extra support.

Anyway, Maria has a meeting with her at the school tonight so I will mind Violet while she goes off to the school. Violet will love this too as it means lots of attention just for HER and no one else. Also, I’ll get to do some ‘walking up busway steps’ today and tomorrow … always good for the cardio.

Strangely enough, Pat and I have weighed ourselves each week and we both put on .4 kilo after the first week! What the …? How does this happen when I was being so good? Happily though, last week we were back to normal. I think we’ve decided to stop weighing ourselves every week. I know this weight is going to take the whole year to shift, so I don’t know why I’m so hell-bent on weighing myself. Naughty naughty Tess … you should know how it works!

It’s not going to happen this week that’s for sure … not after all that eating on Australia Day. The 9 Week Challenge starts on Saturday week … help!! I’m petrified I really am, but just trying to take one day at a time. There is no turning back now. My son Daniel (who part-owns the gyms) told me on Sunday he was so proud of Pat and me. Fancy having a mother AND mother-in-law who are best buds! We’ve known each other since 1996 when our two kids were so young and met at a disco.

Oh, by the way, I made Pat a Facebook account after she brought me home today. She is so excited about it as she has felt out of the loop. It was nice … sharing a pot of tea and teaching a friend about Facebook. Love it … love it!


Wednesday 29th January 2013:                        Struggling to go on …

I’ve arrived home this afternoon after a hectic 24 hours and I’m exhausted! I have walked up and down so many stairs at the High School, the Busway and my daughter’s house that I am now officially done in. I met a friend for coffee after Alice started High School and Maria and I had a cuppa in the school hall and then I came home and flopped on the couch for the afternoon.

Time to stop methinks. It’s at times like this that I doubt I can ever keep going at the gym let alone do a 9 Week Challenge. I do think I overdid the gym yesterday in my endeavour to get fitter faster. This is a trap that I swore I wouldn’t fall into … but I have. It has happened to me before. Not content to take things moderately, I up the ante and then I suffer for it.

I’m hoping a quiet day tomorrow at home will aid my recovery and then I’ll be ready for some moderate exercise on Friday as planned. Oh well, you don’t know how you are until you test yourself do you? One day at a time … but for now I’ll get an early night tonight and then I’ll start again tomorrow. I’m not often on a downer but today only gloom invades my thoughts!

Perhaps I’ve done so much giving these last two weeks that it’s time tomorrow, to give time to myself. Time to smell the roses and enjoy nature at home. Time to become balanced again.


Friday 31st January 2014:                                   Motivation Returns!

How things can change in 24 hours! I’ve just re-read the downer I wrote about on Wednesday and I can’t believe that by Thursday afternoon I had gone out and bought some new joggers to wear at the gym!

And so what happened to my desire to ‘chuck’ the whole gym thing in? Ha ha … flew out the window after a nice day yesterday pottering around my house. Time does help the recovery process for sure. But, that Demon was definitely on my left shoulder crying “just give up!’

Today, Pat and I were off to the gym at 8am again (as planned) with Geoff dropping us off. Afterwards it was back to Pat’s house (she lives nearby) for a nice pot of tea before the day’s activities began. Pat’s husband David, even came home from where he works locally (and with much freedom of movement!) with some Danishes and scones in a bag. “Oh no … anything we just lost at the gym will now be added back on!” I said with a laugh.

But those Danishes … obviously freshly baked … were simply delicious. However, Pat had the nous to only put out small portions after cutting them up! I resisted the sliced scones until I was leaving when I grabbed a half as I walked out the door. Couldn’t resist any longer! Needed sustenance for the journey home.

Someone sent me a message about a photo on Facebook saying “Grandma, have you lost weight?” Cheeky friend calling me Grandma … but it was a photo with my granddaughter which prompted it. Anyway, I thought my face looked slimmer myself (not so many chins?) so when that message came through I was quite chuffed.

My resolution to be kinder (certain people are involved in this one) was put to the test this last week and I had a bit of write up about the situation in my personal Journal. Mostly, there was the cry to God “Help! I can’t do this on my own!”  Oh well, I said it would be a beginning, so I’m not going to berate myself over it.

I have put my resolution to earn some money from writing on the backburner at present while I get this gym thing sorted out and into a routine. I have all year to do it. However, on the positive side, I am taking part in WordPress Challengers which does get my blog ‘out there’ in the blogosphere and helping a client with her website.  One small step at a time.

For FEBRUARY Diary entries … follow this link: or go to the FEBRUARY HEADING ‘My Gym Journey Diary’ on the blog.


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