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I share with you today this post I wrote on 24th March 2012 … my piece from the Archives. In re-reading it I was surprised at how much I knew about sugar two years ago! And I have to report that my husband Geoff, still drinks his tea without sugar and can still be seen at times making faces … to this day, about his lack of sugar. When will it ever end??

Hello all

Day 84 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

This morning while Geoff was drinking his cup of tea I caught him making faces and I knew immediately what the problem was: three weeks of no sugar in his tea!!

There is no going back for Geoff now but going forward is proving harder than he expected. The truth is (and I have been here) you end up hating tea/coffee WITH the sugar and you also hate it WITHOUT the sugar. So, you are best to take the healthier option and to go forward … but how easy is that to do?

In the meantime, you suffer it… and then one day many weeks later, you begin to wonder how you ever drank tea or coffee any other way. That day has not yet come for Geoff.  So I am getting myself ready for “that face” every time I make him a tea or a coffee. I mean, let’s face it, who amongst us hates sugar? Now be very honest here because the sugar fairy will make life difficult for you if you are not!

And who started putting sugar in our tea and coffee anyway? As a teenager I can remember having two teaspoons in a cup of tea. Looking back all these years later, I wonder how I drank it that way. Times have changed and we now know a lot more about the harmful nature of sugar than we did in what we called: “the good old days.”

I remember Geoff telling me once that his mother ate sugar by the teaspoon when she was feeling low. Later I read somewhere that sugar often works in the body like alcohol and can be just as addictive for some people.  Then today I read the confirmation of this fact on the link between sugar and alcohol:

“What would you say if someone told you that alcoholism has its roots in sugar addiction? Problems with over consumption of alcohol often begin with eating habits as children.”

So dear friends, they are saying alcoholism is due to eating too much sugar as a child! What hope is there for any of us then? Are we all going to end up alcoholics because I certainly had my fill of sugar as a child. And another question (remember, answer honestly): did you ever eat lettuce as a child sprinkled with sugar and then rolled up? We loved it.

I don’t recall my mother ever saying “Now Theresa, that is not good for you…” No, she was probably there with me eating it also! How times have changed. I remember when our children were young, I actually forbid them all soft drinks and lollies (sweets) in my quest to raise healthy children. What did this do? It turned them into raving lunatics whenever we went out socially to visit friends. Talk about “binge drinking.” It turned them into binge lolly and soft drink consumers for the night.

They were hanging from the rafters when we got home and we couldn’t get them down! This put me into a quandary and I had to then allow them sweet treats on Sundays and certain holidays to stop the nonsense. Oh, how far I have come since then folks. By the time they were teenagers I didn’t care any more what they were eating as long as they weren’t on drugs and were coming home at night.

Here is a different take on the song!

And another thing, what about our ‘happy associations’ with sugar? Can we give it up that easily? And there is that wonderful song about “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…the medicine go down…” that Mary Poppins sings in the movie of the same name. Isn’t this the truth though? How many of us have hidden something horrible by putting sugar in it … or at least honey?

Oh yes, sugar has been a friend and companion to all of us for an awful long time. Granted, I do not eat as much as I once did and in fact, I usually cut the sugar amount by half in most cake recipes I use. Or I have been known to substitute that wonderful syrup called “Apple Juice concentrate” which is a whole sugar and better for you. Try a 1/4 cup in your fruit cakes and cut down the sugar by 3/4. Wow!

Somehow, I feel a whole lot better convincing myself that I am cutting down on processed cane sugar which is the ‘supposed’ killer. I also buy tomato sauce with 40% less sugar and 70% less fat and you can actually taste the tomatoes. Another website I visited said if you are going to give up sugar, give up a low-fat diet at the same time as both are responsible for obesity in this day and age..  Here is what I read:

“Removing low-fat products from your diet is suggested – in other words, increase the amount of fat you eat.  This is a common theme in a number of articles in this site.  Authorities have told us for years to avoid fat in our diet and now it is clear that we need that fat, both to maintain our weight and also for our health.”

Sorry, but I have not done any in-depth research about this on my humble little blog but I have to say I have seen this same message in many places and I am actually lovin’ it!!  This doesn’t mean that I am eating bad foods. Far from it and it is possibly what the author means for us to do when eating a full-fat diet: whole milk, butter, yoghurt etc.

Oh look at the babies this plant has been making…

On a different note and in concluding this post today, I must leave you a story about Geoff and Shirley (our 83-year-old friend). Geoff was doing some gardening for Shirley yesterday when she came out and asked Geoff to get rid of the ribbon plants (Dracaena Sanderana) because she hates them. She said to Geoff:

“they have the cheek to propagate in MY garden. I keep pinching off all their babies but they just keep right on doing it! I want it stopped!” 

You would think they were actually having sex in front of her eyes.  I love this story and I do think she was laughing at the time she said it but then again, I have so many stories about Shirley I could go on for an awful long time. Let’s just say that her and Geoff have a lot in common when it comes to colourful personalities!

Until tomorrow

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