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Hello dear friends, if you’re reading this, you have found the JULY entries of my diary of my Fitness Journey for 2014. I will be adding to them as the month goes on … drill down to get the latest entry. It is only ONE of the New Year Resolutions I made for 2014. The others are displayed on the ‘My Gym Journey Diary’ tab on the top of my blog.

Thursday 10th July 2014                                 Back to Where it Began

Everyone sing Hurrah with me today! I finally got back to the gym with Pat this morning! We were missed it seems and yes, we missed going as well. Now that Pat’s husband is on the mend with his broken leg and my teeth have been attended to, our stars finally aligned and off we went.

Imagine our surprise to find that within three weeks so much had changed at our favourite gym! Their was a different trainer running the Foxy class and our usual ladies were not there. It felt as if we had been missing for three months not three weeks. Still, the new trainer said to both Pat and me “Have you done this before?” to which we replied “Well yes!” Then she floored us by saying “I can tell by looking at you two that you done this before … you look strong.”

Well, this had to be the very best thing that could have been said to Pat and me on our first visit back to the gym. It made our day. However, all was not done yet. We decided to go downstairs to see if any of our friends were around and for me to weigh myself.

I was very brave because I was as sure as sure, that I would have put some weight on since last time, but I thought I should face the music and know what I was up against if I needed to go back to being very good. Imagine my surprise to see the scales show 79.9 kg. Under 80 kg for the first time!!! I had to have another look as I waited for the penny to drop … I had lost MORE weight since last time! MORE! MORE! MORE! In fact, I had lost another 1.4 kg since my last weigh-in five weeks ago. A total of 5.4 kg since January 2014.

Am I happy? No, not happy … absolutely delighted! We celebrated when Geoff picked us up by going to Pat’s place where David was hobbling on his one crutch, to have a lovely cup of tea. Geoff had bought a bun. Pat produced home-made cake and biscuits. The four of us laughed and chatted  just like old times when Pat and I were doing the Gym Challenge and the four of us would have a cuppa together.

It sure feels good …


Monday July 24th 2014           Frustration and Gritting of Teeth              

Another two weeks has gone by without going to the gym. I’ve felt so sluggish that I haven’t gone. Besides, we are so busy getting ready to go on our six weeks caravan journey to Central Australia that I haven’t had time. I haven’t even done any walking! Feeling a bit bad about the whole thing.

I’ve spent more time visiting the dentist than the gym at the moment. So many problems which has led to a tooth coming out and a root canal on another tooth. Then I was eating something and a different tooth disintegrated! I have to have it fixed temporarily tomorrow. We leave for Uluru on Thursday. No wonder I haven’t been exercising!

Only two days before we leave for our trip and I feel tired already with everything I have to do. Maria and the girls came to see us yesterday as they have just come back from various countries where they have been holidaying. Maria in New Zealand and the girls with their father in Timor. Steve was with Maria as he has come back with the girls and although they are separated, they seem to be putting on a good front when they came to visit.

Steve told me he has been posted back to Brisbane (army) next year so I am over the moon for his girls. At least, he and Maria can share the care as Steve intends to live nearby. The best news I’ve heard for a long time. The girls miss their Dad very badly.

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