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Welcome to the Fourth Edition of:

 ‘Weak Skim with a Little Sugar’

A regular segment of stories that are opposite to the Strong Full-Cream no Sugar variety which is very political involving wars, murders and all things nasty. This segment is about light-hearted pieces of news that I find interesting from the newspaper, online or on radio that I want love to share. From this, the Weak Skim with a Little Sugar  variety of news was born!

20th June 2014

Hello all

This week I have some interesting things to share. First of all you might note that I now have a special tab at the top of my Home page titled “Weak Skim with a Little Sugar” where I am compiling my posts on this topic. In this way, you can come back at any time and read my latest news on this site. Enjoy my Weak Skim #4.

#1     Good News Stories on the Radio

Last Saturday night whilst having one of my ‘not sleeping’ moments, I heard a segment on ABC radio entitled ‘Good News Stories.’ Immediately my interest was piqued and probably kept me awake longer than was necessary! Here is one good story I heard and loved from a middle-aged man about his father:

 “My father had died and after his funeral, an older man came up to me and said, ‘You don’t know me, but I was compelled to come to your father’s funeral today after I saw his funeral notice in the Brisbane paper. You see, many years ago when I was 14 years old, not long after the war ended, I applied for a job as an apprentice auctioneer. I was told to turn up wearing a nice suit and tie or not to bother coming.

I thought I would not be able to take the job, which I needed desperately. I went into your father’s men’s wear shop (in country NSW) and asked if he could see a way to help me. He told me he would give me a complete outfit and I could pay him back at sixpence a week until the debt was paid. He said that he fought in the war for young men like me to have a better life and that’s why he wanted to help me.

I paid the debt and I am now a very successful auctioneer with my own business. For this reason, I wanted to come and pay my respects today. I would not be where I am today if your father had not helped me. “

A lovely story. And what is more interesting is that both the father and the man telling the tale had moved to Brisbane and were once again living in the same town at the same time! Coincidence? We need more of these stories … which is what Weak Skim is all about. By the way, here is a website I found dedicated only to Good News. Bring it on … I’m tired of all the negativity we see and hear today.

#2      The Land Where Lemons Grow

My long-suffering husband and I enjoy a cup of tea in bed in the mornings before facing the day. Often we discuss how our night has been: sleep or lack of it. This always leads to discussions on what we might have heard on the radio if  we were awake (we both have radios beside our bed). What does this lead to next? Googling of course! Plus, you must have a good mobile phone handy to make Googling effective.

9781846144301When Geoff reported hearing  a conversation on the radio with the author Helena Attlee – who wrote “The Land Where Lemons Grow”,  I was highly interested. As soon as I read the blurb I found online, I knew I had to have the book!

“The Land Where Lemons Grow” uses citrus to reveal an untold history of Italy, from the arrival of citrons in 2nd century Calabria to Slow Food and cutting-edge genetic research in the 21st. Helena Attlee explores the curious past and present of citrus; the uses of its essential oils in perfumes; the primitive violence of the Battle of Oranges in Ivrea.”

The book combines travel writing with history, recipes, horticulture and art “the reader is taken on a unique and rich journey through Italy’s cultural, moral, culinary and political past.”

Anything that involves taking me through foreign countries … as well as recipes, always rouses my interest; add to this the fact that we both LOVE lemons and we are sold! Not love in a Nigella Lawson kind of way; you know where she makes love to the lemon whilst smelling it and rolling her eyes as she looks at the camera … seducing you to go out and buy these ‘sunburst globes of beauty’ … but in the way where we love using lemons in our dishes.

And now this book! I am here to tell you that the Book Depository online has informed me the book is on its way to us as I write.

#3     The Tyranny of Order

Have you heard of this expression? Geoff and I heard it used when watching a murder mystery on TV last week! An unusual place to hear of such a thing you might say? Yes indeed. The thing is neither of us can remember what it was used in conjunction with … drat!

However, I said immediately “Who does that remind you of?” Both of us looked at each other and said: our daughter! She is so neat and tidy that when we visit we are always in trouble for putting a drop of water on the floor … or leaving untidiness behind. She knows she is like it (and Geoff suffers with this same OCD to a lesser degree) but she says she cannot operate unless everything is in order.

I wondered how many other people suffer with this same ailment: The Tyranny of Order. I love the sound of it! Much better than saying you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) methinks. Try using this saying when you want to impress someone!

#4     Soccer … Soccer … and more Soccer!

The Soccer World Cup started this week and reminded me of the Olympic Games. Not that they are really alike, but the two have one thing in common: Australian media reporting each night on the events of the day via comedians! Aussies love doing this! We do it when the Olympics are on

Jimeoin (middle) with other hosts

Jimeoin (middle) with other hosts

and now we’re doing it for the Soccer World Cup. On the first night of the World Cup game, comedian Jimeoin (an Irishman married to an Australian) hosted ‘The-Full-Brazilian’, a show on SBS TV (our multicultural channel) which appears to be completely hilarious but then gets serious when they start talking soccer. The SBS website says:

“Beloved Comedian and football tragic Jimeoin is going The Full Brazilian in this daily prime-time entertainment show throughout 2014 FIFA World Cup. The show will be an unpredictable, slightly anarchic combination of football and fun, shot in front of a live studio audience.

The program will also feature musical acts, celebrities, sportspeople, and there will also be daily catch-ups with SBS football gurus Les Murray and Craig Foster live from Brazil.”

Visit SBS website and see what I mean:

We watched it and laughed the first night, but after that we both agreed you had to be a soccer tragic to really appreciate the show. And don’t forget that by Thursday night, Australia was no longer playing as we were out of the competition! However, having said that, our small little soccer-playing country – with a team full of multi-cultural names via migrants to our shores – had acquitted itself very well indeed and we were proud of them as they showed such a competitive spirit scaring both Chile and Holland, before succumbing to defeat.

Here’s a shout out for the Australian Socceroos … well done lads! Now let those big countries who only think ‘football’ is soccer take up the baton and go on with it.

P.S. We play a lot of ‘football’ here which has NOTHING to do with soccer and is a lot more popular too. My apologies to all those soccer tragics out there who cannot possibly understand this at all!

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