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Welcome dear friends to the page where I will be keeping a diary of my Gym Journey. I also want to keep working on my New Year Resolutions for 2014. Need reminding what they are? I figure that if I share my thoughts PRIVATELY I will not be as accountable as if I record them here. Feeling vulnerable but here goes:

  1. To lose 10kg and get fit over the next 12 months … slowly does it. Complete the 9 Week Challenge at Go Health Gym Beenleigh.
  2. To earn some money from my writing and editing … at least make a start by joining the Editors Association and increase my Life with Tess Facebook page.
  3. To learn to be kinder in my thoughts and action. This one will take a lifetime to achieve but I want to at least BE AWARE of it this year and learn more about myself. I must admit it involves ‘a chosen few’ especially!

You will find the diary entries for the gym journey listed separately under the general heading of ‘My Gym Journey Diary’ The entries will come up by the month … just choose the month you would like to read.



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