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Hello dear friends, if you’re reading this, you have found the JUNE entries of my diary of my Fitness Journey for 2014. I will be adding to them as the month goes on … drill down to get the latest entry. It is only ONE of the New Year Resolutions I made for 2014. The others are displayed on the ‘My Gym Journey Diary’ tab on the top of my blog.


Saturday 7th June 2014                                     Struggling ever onwards

How many weeks has it been since I had the flu and I’m still struggling to get back to where I was before I got ill. Not happy Jan!

Oh, I have to admit that I am much better really … just feeling sorry for myself that I came so far and now I have to catch up all that lost ground. I actually went back to the gym last Thursday (29th May) and did a Foxy class with my gym buddy Pat but by Saturday I had a slight relapse but some resting up for the day helped and I was better by the next day.

Then on the Thursday just gone (5th June) I went back and did the Foxy class again and I was much better for it this time. I am only going to the gym one day a week as I simply don’t have the energy or the where-with-all to go more often.

I must admit that there have been some family issues happening as well during this time which haven’t helped. Geoff’s sister continues to be in remission thank goodness but I was thrown by the death of our family friend Nicole a couple of weeks ago. I feel so sad every time I think about her dying at 48 years old. Far too young to die.

At least I am going to the gym … even if it is only one day a week at the moment. The best part of the whole affair is that I haven’t put back any of the weight I lost at the end of the Gym Challenge. How about that?

Life is fairly hectic though especially with Geoff finishing a work assignment last week. This means he is now home all the time and I feel my time taken up by this. Not that I want to feel resentful about it, but I supposed I was free to do what I liked and now I am a little restrained as Geoff wants to do things with me … of course! It’s all about adjustment.

Anyway, I also help my daughter Maria with her two girls as she is now separated from her husband and has been through a trying time. It hasn’t been an easy time for any of us and I am still coming to terms with all that is happening. My two granddaughters are taking it very hard and there is no one like Grandma to soothe troubled souls and to say a little prayer when needed.

Alice came and stayed the night yesterday after school. We took her home today. She loves coming to stay and wishes she lived closer.

Anyway, I must be off to bed now. I can hear Geoff snoring away in the room next door so I must end this little diary and go join him …


Thursday 12th June 2014                                    Thursday date with my Gym Buddy Pat

Pat and I have a deal with each other. Regardless of when we go alone to the gym, we will do a Foxy Ladies class on a Thursday together and we have been faithful to this arrangement in the last few weeks. Every Thursday we are there together using the machines that tone and tighten you up … with Jason the personal trainer giving us orders “Move to the next machine!”

We love it! However, today Geoff commenced at the gym. It was a big moment for him as he has been saying for months “I’ll go when I’m ready” but it seemed as if he would never be ready! He felt rather good about it too.

In the meantime, I realised today that I have to make time to do another day at the gym. Pat has been going on a second day, but as she lives nearby, she is able to pop out at 6pm and do a class then. However, it doesn’t suit me to go down the highway when the traffic is at its peak so I need to find another day more suitable. I am looking at doing a class on a Monday morning. Geoff can come and do a workout at the same time.

This could be the solution to my dilemma. The truth is I haven’t had the energy to care since I had the flu but I kept faithful to my Thursday classes just to keep myself up with things.  Time now for me to do more. It will be easier now that Geoff wants to work out also. Not driving for me is proving a real negative! I drive locally but feel too nervous to drive on the highway. I’ve lost my confidence I feel.

More goals to work at methinks!


Saturday 21st June 2014                                    Gym Journey is Interrupted!

Yes, I have to confess that I have totally missed going to the gym this week! True confession time. There is a myriad of reasons why … the main one being that I have an abscess  on not one but two teeth and I have been in agony for over a week.

It wasn’t helped either by going to the dentist because they said there was no infection, I just needed root canal therapy and that would mean a specialist at a cost of $3000. Oh dear! I didn’t like this for one moment, so what did I do? I decided to get a second opinion but this meant I had to wait another week to get an appointment elsewhere (well, they didn’t know me from a bar of soap did they?

The second dentist confirmed that I had infection in two teeth and he wasn’t impressed with the sorry state of my teeth either. However, he did prescribe strong antibiotics and within two days the pain had subsided largely. It did mean though, that I was in no mood to think about exercising, gyms or any other such things and then the second thing happened this Monday when my gym buddy Pat phoned to tell me that David, her husband had broken his upper leg at work and was in the hospital!

Without Pat motivating me, plus my aching teeth, I was up the creek without a paddle. It has not been a good week folks. Poor David is languishing in hospital waiting to get a pin put in his leg and is in considerable pain. As he is also my daughter-in-law’s father, David is very precious to us … as is Pat. We feel for them.

Next Tuesday I have to have these two teeth out as they are damaged before repair so I’m not sure how the gym will fit into my routine next week either. However, I do have some positive news! I have been doing 10 minutes of exercise every morning at home and it helps me to feel that I am doing something rather than nothing. I use some of the exercises we do during the Foxy classes at Go Health.

Well, there you have it … all my life laid bare for you to read. Excuses … excuses … you might say? Yes and I have no trouble in nodding and agreeing. Sometimes one has to stop and not keep going because life gets too difficult and this is one of those times. ‘Nough said.


Monday 30th June 2014                                       Sunday Walks in the Sunshine

Well, as it is the last day of June, I thought I should update my diary re my Gym Journey.  Another week has passed without any gym activity! Maria phoned to ask me to come and help her with the children overnight on Wednesday which meant I got home too late for my Thursday Foxy class. Oh no!

I wasn’t feeling too bright anyway so I did some exercise at home to compensate. Plus I went for a lovely big walk last Sunday 22nd and again yesterday to keep up some semblance of fitness and has seemed to help me.

It was beautiful walking in the sunshine on a winter’s day and that’s why I did it again the following Sunday.

David is recovering well in hospital and Pat is busy tending to him there. Oh how I miss Pat! It’s a new month tomorrow so I must close this short post and go to bed. Night Night!

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