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Dear friends, I wrote this post on January 30th 2012, when I first began my Blogging Challenge. I often come across it on my Statistics page … it pops up again and again when people Google the saying. I’ve even seen my photograph of the plaque on someone else’s blog – with acknowledgement – which was very nice. So today, please enjoy ‘Nearer God’s Heart in a Garden.’

Hi to everyone again!

Have you ever heard the expression “bird-brain?’ It is usually said in a derogatory manner.

Today, I can understand where this expression comes from! You would think, after all the rain we have had for a week, that the birds who use the bird bath in our garden, would know where to find water when the top (tray) of the bird bath was missing?

No, there they were sitting on the rim of the bird bath (minus the tray ) staring down the hole and wondering why oh why they could not find water?! The concrete tray is presently being repaired due to cracks. There is water lying around everywhere but no, habit is such, that they went to the bird bath. No luck today birdies. See? Bird-brains!

Speaking of happenings in our garden, Geoff alerted me earlier to our resident possum (which we would dearly like to deter from being a resident) with a baby on its back. What a sight. Even I warmed to the new mother with her little one on her back climbing firstly up branches and then along the tree to find its home high in the fork of the tree.

Here are the sweet pair going home. The birds (who were still miffed at the lack of bird bath water) were serenading them home, but not in a pleasant manner at all. It was an outright war with lots of screeching and squealing.

I must remember my kind feelings when the mother possum becomes a nuisance on our tin roof in the middle of the night, eating and dropping seeds and then at dawn running clumsily along the roof on her way home to bub! Yes, I often don’t feel very kind at that hour of the night.

That’s one thing about having a garden, there is always something going on. We have a plaque in our garden which says it all so poetically, Here it is in case it is hard to read:

 “The kiss of the Sun for pardon; The song of the birds for mirth; You are nearer God’s heart in a garden; Than anywhere else on earth.”

Our garden is a source of delight and pleasure for us, all kudos to Geoff!

Moving along from gardens, Geoff and I jumped at our last chance to see the movie “The Iron Lady” at the local movies this morning starring Meryl Streep (who is brilliant in this movie).

She is Margaret Thatcher, another strong woman like Beatrix Potter, who was an amazing woman for her time. Whether you love her or hate her, you will find this movie interesting, not just for the politics, but for the wonderful relationship she had with her husband Dennis. When Dennis asked her to marry him, she had to let him know that she had ambition and in accepting him, this is what she said:

“I am not going to be one of those wives who stays at home and washes up the teacups. Ones life must count for something! I don’t want to die with a teacup in my hand Dennis.”

I thought this was a wonderful line (and I memorised it for you) and in fact the movie ended with her as an old woman and what was she doing? She was washing up her teacup! I don’t think I am giving anything away in telling you this, as there is a lot more in between her words to Dennis and the ending. An Oscar for Meryl do you think?

Now in ending, I must tell you that (despite rhubarb cakes) I commenced a healthy diet last Friday to try to hold back time against the ravages of old age and obesity! It’s been plenty of fruit and salads and good food. So here is the recipe for a smoothie that I made this morning from an old favourite book by Marilyn Diamond, the co-author of the book “Fit for Life” which was so popular in the eighties.  Her books always contain healthy recipes:

        Peach Melba Tonic              (from Marilyn’s other book: Fitonics For Life)

  • 1 cup low-fat or soy or almond milk (I used almond)
  • 1 banana (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 large peach (or frozen peach slices)
  • 1/2 cup plain yoghurt
  • 1 tbs. maple syrup or some healthy sweetening
  • liquefy in blender.

Drink slowly. This is not a true liquid. There’s plenty of whole food in the glass!” says Marilyn. I did not use frozen fruit but when I have used it, on an awful hot day, it is simply wonderful. Try it. You could even make this into ice blocks for the small children (and big children also!)

Geoff, in usual good form, asked me, when he knew I was giving out this recipe: “so, you haven’t given them the recipe for Possum Pie have you?” I did tell you he makes good fodder for my blog and I wasn’t wrong was I?

Well, I must be off to cook my tea. Looks as if I am NOT going to be like Margaret Thatcher today and make the world sit up and take notice of me … what a shame! Nope, I am happy to wash the teacups, especially my lovely bone china ones that I use  for my High Teas. I love to cook and I simply love to feed my family and friends. Does that mean that my life doesn’t count for anything? I THINK NOT, MARGARET!!

But as a woman of the fifties, I think I know what Margaret meant … it was much harder in those days.


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