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 I had some girlfriends for lunch recently and I wanted to keep things simple as I was very busy, so I brought a cooked chicken; one friend bought the salad, another bought dip and crackers for morning tea. The third friend brought two bottles of Boost Juice … you know the juice you buy at the shopping centre,  so all I had left to do was provide dessert.

I knew just the thing! I had a large packet of frozen raspberries and as I always keep chopped up ripe bananas in the freezer, I knew that Raspberry Sorbet would be perfect for such an occasion. All I had to do was have my new Jamie Oliver Food Processor on the bench (remember I wrote a blog about this recently ( and when the time was right – after lunch – throw the ingredients in and whizz it up until it turned into sorbet. Hint: measure the ingredients and have them ready in the freezer.

I never imagined how well this would go over … especially when served in the fluted bowls on a stand that I keep for such an occasion. I have made this dessert before for my grandchildren and have had rave reviews! The funny part of it was, one of my granddaughters doesn’t like banana so when she offered to help me, I said “No sweetie, let me do it on my own and I’ll surprise you!”

The bowls are like this only plain. Aren't they gorgeous?

The bowls are like this only plain. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Oh, I know I am devious but it is the only way when you know your deception is for good … well, that’s what I tell myself anyway especially when the child is thoroughly delighted at the pink dessert in the pretty bowls and loves it. Well worth it in the end. Nutritious food at its best!


Now on that note, I want to leave you with the recipe for Raspberry Sorbet as one of the friends from my lunch has asked me for it. Enjoy this especially during the heat of summer.


raspberry-ice-cream-3Raspberry Sorbet

1 frozen banana sliced (I slice ripe ones and put in a container in the freezer)
1 cup frozen raspberries
1/4 cup coconut milk or cream

Sweeten with honey if too tart (I used a little but I don’t always, it depends on the sweetness of the banana)

Put all ingredients in a food processor or blender which can handle frozen fruit (needs a strong motor)

Serve in beautiful bowls that make you feel you are eating something special … no one will ever know how easy it was to make if you don’t tell them …

(I adapted this recipe from you can follow the alternate recipe on this link but I like this simple version I have given here. The alternative one has other things added to it).

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