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11th March 2014

Today I share with you this post from Dec 5th 2012 when my Blog Challenge was very close to being completed. As I will be meeting these same wonderful girlfriends tomorrow, I thought it was a good post to share with you today. Enjoy!


Hello all

Day 340 of 366 Blog Challenge 2012

You know the saying: “Oh well, you had to be there!” You use it whenever something funny happens and the people who were not there don’t get the joke after you try to tell them about it.

Do the people present ‘get it’ because they are the only ones who experience the whole gamut of emotions and time lapses that make the situation so funny at the time? Let me try you out here and then I will tell you what I learned from the whole thing.

Today was a friend’s birthday and four of us gathered to celebrate the occasion. We had a lovely morning tea and catch up with plenty of chatting and laughter and even some deep discussion, followed by lunch. It was lovely.

After the lunch when it was time for the birthday cake, I lit 12 candles on the cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to our friend. She then proceeded to blow out the candles. I thought she was doing rather well blowing out those candles for someone over sixty … yet the candles only ‘appeared’ to be going out. Out of the blue they would relight when you least expected them to!

Another friend joined in to help us blow out the candles, but it seemed that the more breath they put into blowing, the more the candles would come back on. By this time, all of us  were ‘beside ourselves’ with laughter. It was suggested that they might have been trick candles but it seemed unlikely as the host had simply picked them up at the local supermarket in the candle section.

After some time during which the two friends tried in vain to blow out those damned persistent candles, I joined in the effort also. Another couple of minutes went by and this time, we thought we had finally succeeded but … one belligerent candle would NOT GO OUT! The lone candle by this time was disintegrating fast and was now down to a stub. In the end, we yanked that candle out of the cake and threw it in a cup of water. And then… and only then, did it die a quick death!

I decided to search for the candle packet. I scanned the back of the packet but everything seemed in order … that is until I read the line on the front of the packet. There in small letters I read:

Magic Relighting Candles

Oh no! I could not speak out the words on the front of the packet because by this time, laughter had overcome me to the point that I was rendered speechless (something unique for me) . When the words did come, all of us had a right good belly laugh about the whole affair.

Do you see what I mean? The explaining of it does not do the experience justice. However, it does say a lot about the friendship of us four women. In a long-term friendship, things do not remain static. Things change. But I do believe that  these candles that would not go out were a symbol to us of the enduring nature of the relationship.

These are friendships that have lasted for over thirty years and have a basis in the spiritual realm, but you cannot be friends for this long without being tested on occasion.  In other words you have known each other through thick and thin, up and downs and roundabouts, working or not working, sickness or health and anything else in between.

You could be forgiven for thinking I was writing about marriage vows folks! But you get the idea? It isn’t always easy to maintain a friendship through a whole life. But in a true friendship, even if you inadvertently blow out the candle of the friendship through minor disagreements or misunderstandings, the flame will come back on no matter what you do to the contrary.

And this is what I learned from the magic relighting candles today. I learned that because us girls have fostered our friendships, forgiven each other if there were any difficulties and have come back to continue our friendship, the light of our friendship will never go out.

Even the cup of water will not extinguish it. Well, perhaps death may appear to do so … but that is only until each of us ‘old girls’ turn up in Heaven to join in the playing of our harps together …

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