Hello all

The day is coming to a close as rain pours down: not a good omen dear friends. We have only one more full day until we leave on our trip to Uluru for six weeks in our caravan. Yes, we leave on Thursday and time is beginning to run out as other things take up our attention. For instance I had a visit to the dentist this morning followed by a visit from our younger grandchildren who delighted us with their presence. Oh how they loved us!

We also saw our older grandchildren on Sunday and said our goodbyes to them as they clung to us saying “we’re going to miss you Grandma and Grandpa!

So now as I am getting ready to go out for tea and I was wondering what in the name of goodness I would write about tonight, I came across this piece I wrote just over a year ago and hadn’t published! Strangely enough, when I wrote this piece in my Poppy Journal, it was rainy and cold just as it is this evening … perfect timing to share it with you now. Enjoy!

10th June 2013:

The evening is coming in, and with it … darkness; pitch black darkness as rain falls effortlessly from the skies. It’s been a Public Holiday today thanks to the Queen having a birthday, so Geoff and I have enjoyed some time together as he has not had to work.

Going out for a coffee and enjoying the luxury of a Devonshire Tea was lovely at the Myer Cafe as it is situated on the first floor of the department store and  has large windows on three sides. Here, one can see what is happening in the wider world outside those lovely big windows.

Sure, it was misty and foggy outdoors, but it was good because Geoff and I were all warm and cosy in the artificial air of the Cafe. I love going for coffee on a rainy holiday! One is protected from the hostile environment, but one can still enjoy watching what is happening ‘out there.’

What does this say about life?

Sometimes – in fact more than sometimes – we are subject to the harsh reality of life. It is right there ‘in our faces’ every day as we watch the news on TV. Wars, violent crimes, accidents, psychopaths and more, are served up to us every day. And I haven’t even mentioned things like relationship difficulties, sick children and the everyday reality of life’s stress which we have to contend with either!

This is when we need to have a safe, warm place, like the Myer Cafe, where we can look out at the wider world beyond us, yet not actually be present in it.

This safe place comes to us when we learn to rest … and for me that is learning to rest in God’s presence. Here, we can insulate ourselves from what is happening around us. However, we have to make the effort to ‘go there’ in order to find our security, just as we had to navigate the rain to get in our car to go to the Myer Cafe.

Once in God’s presence, we will find ourselves safe and secure against the hostile environment that rages all around us. Often there is little we can do to ‘fix’ the world up to our liking, however, we have to learn to let go and allow a Power Higher than ourselves to sort things out, otherwise life can be a very hostile  place indeed!

That’s why I like this prayer:

Lord, Grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change

COURAGE to change the things I can

And the WISDOM to know the difference.

And dear friends, more awful things are happening in the world right now … like the shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft, the war in the Gaza strip, Syria still killing its own people and so many other things if you watch the news every night!

Therefore, let’s not concentrate on what we have no control over, let’s concentrate on having the COURAGE to change the things we CAN change in our own lives … as small as they may be. It all starts with ME …