Hello all

Today I am sharing a post “From the Archives” from 16th November 2012. At this time, Justin Bieber was still a nice boy who had not yet got himself into trouble! I felt so sad when I found this post and read about a time when he was still cute and innocent. How things change! Still, it led me to write-up this post about being a Sweet Fragrance so I am grateful to Justin for that. Enjoy!

Thoughts on being a Sweet Fragrance

I stood and waited at the counter of the chemist as the assistant rang up my bill and being a person who hates wasting time, I decided to try the perfume in the lovely bottle sitting nearby on the counter.

Such a gorgeous bottle!

“Hmmm …” I said to the girl, “this is nice, what fragrance is it?” Much to my surprise she replied that it was Justin Bieber’s latest perfume ‘SOMEDAY’. Well, I did feel a little silly as this is most likely marketed to young little things not ‘old dears’ like me!

I was still smiling to myself about it when I got home and I must admit that thoughts went through my head such as “oh yeah, that would be right, he is making even more money with this perfume!” And I would have gone on thinking this way but doing a search for the name online make me want to eat my words folks. It was mortifying!

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