Hello all

On Monday, I slapped up a meal … well I thought it was slapped up anyway … but it turned out to be such a success that I posted it on my personal Facebook page with the promise of the recipe at some stage. It has such a lovely combination of flavours that we lapped up the left-overs on the second night. Don’t you just love that? When you don’t have to cook two nights in a row because of left-overs?

Today I’ve finally had the time to type it up. Now, the good thing about this little beauty is that it requires very little mince because it has a tin of lentils added to it! If you are wary about lentils don’t be, because in this recipe, the mince takes away that lentil taste and you wouldn’t even know they were there … only if you look close, you can see them.

However, even my granddaughters eat lentils this way and don’t bat an eyelid. They can be rather fussy so there! So here is my recipe:


Lentils, Vegetables and Mince on Cauliflower with Braised Cabbage

Prepare and cook the meal in this order: get mince started, whilst it is cooking, put on the red cabbage, next steam your cauliflower. This should result in the meal being ready at the same time.