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Generous Genies

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?    http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/generous-genies/

Hello all

Today I am having some fun with the Daily Prompt on WordPress. I just love telling fairy tales when I get the chance! I came to my computer tonight to check my email and my blog and when I found this topic, my fingers started typing faster than I even thought they could!

This post was inspired by the red sequined slippers I bought today for my granddaughter Violet (who is about to turn eight) when I popped into the shopping centre to buy lunch on the way home from meeting a friend. The slippers are so gorgeous they inspired this post. Enjoy!

Here are the red sequined slippers I bought today.

Here are the red sequined slippers I bought today.

The Genie in the Red Slippers

How I love being a Genie! Ever since I got out of that lamp I’ve been having a ball … A BALL do you hear?

Freedom is such a wonderful thing … and do you know the best part of it? It is the freedom to ‘wish’ to go to a place in your head and then be there in the blink of an eye. No rubbing of lamps or anything like that either.

Take today for instance, I needed lunch so I wished myself to be at our local shopping centre but somehow, instead of landing in front of a café, I ended up in front of a gift shop (I’ll have to find out what went wrong here … later perhaps) where I saw the most exquisite red sequined slippers at a bargain price!

They were a type of sock really … you know those microfiber soft ones with rubber dots on the bottom … only they were in the shape of a little shoe. Oh how soft they were … oh how red they were … oh how Wizard of Oz they were too. I snatched them up immediately but not before ‘imagining’ some money to come into my hand.

Therefore with my red slippers covered in sequins firmly on my feet, I headed to the café to buy some lunch … but just like in every good story, something happened to me while on the way to the café. Something incredible. Something wonderful … something totally scary!

I became airborne! Not in an aeroplane kind of way but in a hovercraft type of way.

Before I knew it I was in front of a lady and my feet stopped hovering and I felt a thud as my feet hit the ground. Here before me was a homeless old lady with a very large bag sitting in the shopping centre with all her worldly possessions … to keep warm I presumed. What to do? This was soooo unexpected!

A close up of the slippers.

A close up of the slippers.

I introduced myself “Hello, I am a Genie, what wish can I grant you? You see, my red shoes are giving me extra special powers today so I would like to help you.”

“Well my dear, I don’t want much really but I would be happy with a pair of slippers like yours … do you have purple ones?’

No sooner were the words out than the wish had been granted. What next I thought? The slippers soon hovered me away and before I knew it I was in the city and people were all dressed up going to work. The women were wearing the most incredible high heals and it was in front of one of these women that the slippers made an abrupt stop and I nearly sent the high-heeled lady into a spin.

And what did this young woman want? “Well Genie, I don’t want much really but I would be happy with a pair of slippers like yours … do you have silver ones? These heels are killing me!”  I did tell her that’s why they are called KILLER HEELS but she had no idea what I meant by this … but yes, I could do silver slippers for sure!

What was going on with these slippers I wondered? And did people hover like me when granted their wish … so far I had not seen anyone hovering … just smiling as their wish came true.

As I began hovering again, I found myself in a gym full of men pumping iron, sweating and doing push-ups. Oh dear … where had I landed this time? Right in front of a middle-aged man as he grimaced with pain. Now, what did this man want as his wish? Surely NOT slippers again!

Looking at my red sequined slippers, he said “Do you have those slippers in pink?” What? Surely not a transvestite? And then as if he caught my drift, he said “No … no … not for me, for my small daughter who loves pink. She would LOVE those slippers!”  Whoosh … the man’s wish was soon granted.

Dear friends, I was so exhausted by this time, that I wished for my slippers to take me home so I could have a rest. As soon as I took those red slippers off my feet, the magic stopped and I began to think about how strange it was that everyone wanted my slippers only in different colours. Why was this so? And then it dawned on me … I knew the answer!

People do not require too much to make them happy at all. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that people want, not houses or money or expensive items for their children.

All that these people required was someone to care about them; someone to give them sparkly slippers that made them smile; someone to give them something of beauty to  keep their feet warm in the winter chill; someone to make them feel so important that a Genie would visit them.

And that was enough …