Little Madeleine enjoys the babies graves. She was born after the twins in 2012

Little Madeleine enjoying the babies graves. She was born after the twins in 2012. It gave us a different perspective seeing things through HER eyes …


Hello all

It was such a lovely sunny Wednesday (3rd July) last week at the Beenleigh Cemetery. It is such a quiet country cemetery, very spacious and well-maintained too, so it was no surprise when my granddaughter Madeleine (20 months) had a grand old time visiting all the grave plots full of toys in the baby’s section of the cemetery!

My daughter-in-law Belinda, her mother Pat and myself were there – as we have been for three years now – to remember Belinda and Dan’s twin boys Samuel and Liam – who died in 2011 … born too soon at 25 weeks of pregnancy.

However, we had not foreseen how delighted little Maddie would be with these grave sites and we watched as she went from grave to grave whirling the whirligigs and looking at the many sweet things including toys, which had been left there by loving parents. Perhaps they were like us, and came each year on a birthday and left tokens of their affection behind so their child would not be forgotten.

To Madeleine, this was a small child’s playground and we had to watch that she didn’t disrespect the little plots. Too small to understand everything – yet big enough to know that this was a precious place and to tread carefully – she went on her way as we adults stopped before our twins graves to remember them on this their birthdays.

Belinda was determined that they would not be forgotten and she wanted her remaining children – Isaac (4) and Madeleine – to know that the boys were part of their lives today. It is a lovely tradition.

She would go back again with the rest of the family on Saturday – Daddy Daniel and Isaac (4) had missed our day – so that they could remember the twins together … as a family. Afterwards they went to the Strawberry Farm, a place not far away where you have sundaes, feed animals and just enjoy yourselves. It had been a lovely time and they called in to see us after the event.

I asked myself at the time and again today: at what point is it macabre to take photos when visiting this baby section of the cemetery? You see, Madeleine had made us think so differently about visiting the twins’ graves so it seemed appropriate to take some photos. She was too young last year but this year, we were able to see this lovely little spot through HER eyes.

Therefore today, dear friends, please join with me in remembering our twin boys Liam and Samuel – lost too soon – with this selection of photos I have included below. It has now become a happy time to visit … place new artificial flowers on the grave – and say a prayer and remember their coming. It has also become a time to visit the other little graves and remember the little ones who are at rest here with our own boys.

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