Hello all

Okay so I have been keeping secrets from my followers … sorry about that dear friends but Cataline who writes at Obscured Dreamer – a blog I have followed since forever – nominated me for this Award over a week ago. Thank you so much Cataline for this nomination.  http://obscureddreamer.wordpress.com/

The thing is one is supposed to follow a whole heap of rules if one is nominated for an award of this kind, but I just cannot do it. That, my friends, is the reason why I have taken so long to accept it … because I know I am never going to be able to nominate the ten other blogs I am supposed to nominate!

You see, I got burned during one of the periods last year when I was being given a few awards. One blogger I nominated became  upset that I had nominated her for an award and told me – directly but nicely – that she didn’t want it and please, would I not nominate her ever again! Ooops … that wasn’t good. I am scarred for life folks!

So … what if I just say ‘thank you’ and give you a few blogs that I follow and enjoy reading. However, I have to say, it is always lovely when a fellow blogger puts you up for an award  because it does make you feel special. ‘Nough said …


 Cataline I really love  your blog and hope that everyone goes and visits your site:


Here are some other blogs I love which you may enjoy reading: