Hello all

Dear friends, I am having a busy ‘Grandmother’ type of day today, minding little Miss Maddie (18 months) this morning and going to help with the older granddaughters later this afternoon. This calls for something From the Archives as I am sure I owe you a post at this stage.

The one I am sharing today I wrote during April 2012 when I was blogging every day and getting challenged for ideas to write about! However, help is never far away if you look hard enough! I saw a message on the back of a car when we were out driving on Monday which captured my imagination. It was on the back of a beautiful silver sports car and in small cursive writing was a message “Do you want to drive this car?” I could have written a whole blog about that car and the other things that were written on it!

Therefore on this occasion, I was inspired by four beautiful plates that my daughter had on her wall. When I visited I would stop and ponder on the thoughts that were written on them. Eventually, I googled and found out the details that I needed to write the blog. Here is the post …


Today, I found the artist who designed these four lovely plates: ‘Rob Ryan.  He is a British  visual artist who specialises in paper-cutting, screen-printing, drawing and painting. He is now most famous for his detailed paper cut outs.’ Let’s begin with the First Plate:


How thought-provoking this is! And how unusual is the art work on the plate? Still, the part ‘WE HAD NOTHING” got me thinking about the program I watched on Australian Story on ABC TV last night about Scott Neeson an Australian who became a Hollywood movie executive promoting blockbusters such as Titanic, Braveheart and X-Men. The website says:

“But after a holiday in Cambodia, Neeson made a deliberate choice to give it all up. Gone are the slick designer suits, traded instead for the cargo pants and hiking boots required to navigate the rubbish dumps of Phnom Penh. He now owns ‘nothing’ but says he couldn’t be happier as he works to help some of Cambodia’s poorest children.”

Note that word ‘NOTHING’. I think that he now feels he has ‘EVERYTHING’. Scott now fund raises obtaining money to educate the children who lived at the dumps and it also gives employment to the parents. Oh, and he is doing all sorts of other things too. This story was really inspiring! You can watch the show online if you want some inspiration for yourself.                     http://www.abc.net.au/austory/default.htm

To read about the other three plates in this series, follow this link: https://tessross.wordpress.com/the-best-of-life-with-tess/inspiration-from-plates/