Welcome to ‘Weak Skim with a Little Sugar’ #4

A regular segment of stories that are opposite to the Strong Full-Cream no Sugar variety which is very political involving wars, murders and all things nasty. This segment is about light-hearted pieces of news that I find interesting from the newspaper, online or on radio that I want love to share. From this, the Weak Skim with a Little Sugar  variety of news was born!


Hello all

This week I have some interesting things to share. First of all you might note that I now have a special tab at the top of my Home page titled “Weak Skim with a Little Sugar” where I am compiling my posts on this topic. In this way, you can come back at any time and read my latest news on this site. Enjoy the four stories today on Weak Skim #4.

#1     Good News Stories on the Radio

Last Saturday night whilst having one of my ‘not sleeping’ moments, I heard a segment on ABC radio entitled ‘Good News Stories.’ Immediately my interest was piqued and probably kept me awake longer than was necessary! Here is one good story I heard and loved told by a middle-aged man about his father:

 “My father had died and after his funeral, an older man came up to me and said, ‘You don’t know me, but I was compelled to come to your father’s funeral today after I saw his funeral notice in the Brisbane paper. You see, many years ago when I was 14 years old, not long after the war ended, I applied for a job as an apprentice auctioneer. I was told to turn up wearing a nice suit and tie or not to bother coming.


Read the whole post on this link: https://tessross.wordpress.com/weak-skim-with-a-little-sugar-blogs/good-news-stories-lemons-and-soccer/