Rare Medium

Describe a typical day in your life — but do it in a form or in a medium you’ve rarely — if ever – used before. If you’re a photoblogger, write a poem. If you’re a poet, write an open letter. If you’re a travel blogger, write a rant. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/rare-medium/

Hello all

Here is my take on Rare Medium . Welcome to The Take on My day today!

Up early to go to the movies. A Gold Class pass given to us six months ago … due to expire next week … we must use it says my husband.

Nothing on that we would like except aliens, X Men, Witches or Goblins. Aah … a movie about a girl with cancer … that will do … better than aliens and all the rest!

Drat! a phone call interrupts. Pat, my gym buddy’s husband (David) is in hospital with a broken leg and she is phoning me back to update me on his condition. We talk but I know I’ll have to go soon so we won’t be late for the movie we have booked online. I am still in my pyjamas with 15 mins before leaving!

Will we catch the bus as it is hard to park at the shopping centre where the movie is showing? We are just about to park for the bus when we remember we promised to visit David in the hospital not far from the movies, so we leave the park and head off by car to the movies.

9.30 am … we are early … but we decide to walk up the 100 steps that seem to  go up to heaven on the second floor and have a coffee until 10 am. No escalators are working – the place appears to be in darkness. What is happening?

I tell Geoff it is good exercise for the day when the lady at the coffee counter tells us we must leave the theatre as they do not open until 9.45 pm and we are not covered by insurance if anything happens while we sit and wait for the movie to start.

And NO of course we can’t have a coffee … as they are not open … remember??

I reply that we may just have a heart attack from climbing up and down all those steps at our age … what do they think of that? I manage to laugh because I feel sorry for the young girl but inside I am shaking my head and wondering what has happened to our society today that such a thing could happen! I mutter to Geoff and I can see he agrees.

Leave the building for ten minutes she tells us … then come back. She also says we walked through the Staff Door and that’s how we got in. We saw no sign but as we leave we see a very small sign that would hardly capture anyone’s attention.

A walk around the shopping centre and we come back in time to see the General door unlocked. We walk up the 100 Stairway to Heaven steps which take you to the theatre above. We are covered for insurance now … how grand!

Lovely lounge chairs that go up down and all about in the Gold Class Theatre.  Five of us watching “The Fault in our Stars” and all of us are crying as the young cancer victims try to live life, two fall in love and one doesn’t make it. Even Geoff has to grab a serviette from the food we ordered, to wipe his eyes!  This movie  must be good … and it is … touching and poignant.

Out in the light of day we have three hours free parking in the shopping centre before paying and we have ten minutes to get out the gate … all systems go as we try to meet the deadline. You only pay $5 anyway but you would think it was $100 as we sprint from the theatre, get the car and make the exit with one minute to spare.

Off to the hospital but wouldn’t you know it, we’ve taken the wrong exit and are heading out-of-town instead of to the next suburb!

We manage to turn around before too long and then a text message comes in from Pat at the hospital saying “David is resting after X-Rays”. What are we to do? We’re almost there now. Perhaps we could have lunch somewhere first  and let David have his rest?

We park in a parking station at the hospital. $7 for the first hour or $10 for two hours. Here we go again! No parks on the street. Oh what the heck, let’s just pay for the 2 hours and have lunch at a cafe at the hospital and then visit David.

Good call. We arrive and David has woken. He is pleased to see us and we have a lovely visit for an hour. Now for home as the traffic gets really bad on the highway after 3 pm. It is now 2.15pm so off we go.

We pass by our son’s house on the way and think we’ll do a quick pop-in to see our daughter-in-law and little granddaughter. We knock but there is no answer. Off again to beat the traffic. Might be just as well there was no one home!

Home by 3.15 pm. Phew! Worn out and exhausted, we decide it’s time to have a cup of tea and a sit down … to recover from all that walking up stairs, crying at movies, real visiting at hospitals (not just in movies) and traffic on highways.

Dinner to be cooked … eaten … washed up … followed by a little TV viewing.

Oh guess what? Almost forgot. The State of Origin football is on tonight between Queensland and New South Wales! Queensland (our state) has won eight years in a row and we don’t want New South Wales to win ever again! Hardly possible I know but it sure feels good to keep winning like this. Time to watch and note that Qld is winning … if we win, it will be one game all, with one more game to decide the outcome in two weeks time. Good! Show no mercy!

Time for bed surely?

Hang on a minute! Here’s a topic from the Daily Post … “write about your day”. What? Can’t resist this one …

Oh well … I’m almost finished! However … I’m all hyped up now, will I ever sleep after this?

Oh who cares … It’s been fun … just another ordinary day in the life of two retired old dears!