Hello all

On Sunday, Geoff and I happened upon some markets when we were looking for a Ukulele Festival. We found there some fresh broccoli selling very cheaply and came home with four large clumps of broccoli for $2.00, but what were we going to do with it? It needed to be used immediately and that is why the people were selling cheaply.

An idea came to mind. Last week on Landline  (a weekly TV show about agriculture and all things to do with the land)  I saw a segment promoting the dreaded Brussels sprout. The man growing them on the land was singing their praises although he did concede that they weren’t the best tasting vegetable ever, however, his two small daughters were picking them off the bush and eating them raw much to our astonishment!

Therefore, Landline got in a very well-known chef to show how to cook Brussels sprouts so they would taste good. They looked and sounded great so I decided to use the same recipe on my broccoli. Luckily I had written down the recipe for the sprouts. And the best part was making soup with the stalks and some other vegetables. So today, you have two for the price of one recipes!

Ta Da … here they are. Enjoy!


A close up of the bake after I had served the meal.

A close up of the bake after I had served the meal.


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