Hello all

I’ve had a strange day today dear friends. Some drama last night before going to bed led me to have a very restless night’s sleep and when Geoff and I both woke at 3.45am this morning we fell to discussing the ‘drama’ that had occurred the night before within the family.

Now this is never a good thing as one gets all hyped up and cannot get back to sleep after such an event, even though it did get resolved before going to bed. However, when we were all ‘discussed out’ I got up and made a cup of tea to settle me down while Geoff tried to get back to sleep. I put on the radio as it was almost 5am and the breakfast program was coming on.

How I wished it were summer for it gets light at that time here in Australia around 4.30-5am. One feels so much better when the birds start chirping and the light comes in. Don’t ask me why but it does wonders for me and I always go back to sleep at such a time. Crazy eh? Does anyone else experience this sort of thing? As it is winter now there was no chance of daylight until 6 am today.

As I listened to morning radio I was finally lulled back to sleep and before I knew it, it was time to get up. Face the day. Get on with life. Put the night behind me and keep going.

imagesAdmittedly I had stayed up until almost midnight writing about the events of the drama in my personal Journal; I was trying to make sense of what had happened. I had shed some tears too. I had even seen some areas in which I had not helped the situation by my behaviour, but all that was behind me now as I had apologised to the person in question and all was well after our deep and meaningful phone conversation.

But dear friends, all of this left me thinking today about life and how fickle it is. We never know when something is going to pop up that challenges us and leaves us scratching our head. Personal relationships are never easy, but we do the best we can and if we ‘stuff up’ we can only be humble and contrite; take the bull by the horns, apologise if necessary and sort things out.

I felt sorry for my hairdresser (who comes to the house) as she ended up listening to part of my sad and sorry tale! However, she was wonderful and gave me such sage advice that I saw another side to this young woman who comes in monthly with her beauty equipment and makes me feel wonderful. Sometimes we don’t know people until we open up and let them in to a more private part of our lives do we?

So today I have been kind to myself. In fact, Geoff and I sat down after lunch to watch our favourite murder mystery Midsomer Murders and both of us were asleep before any suspects for the murder could be identified! It was funny. We woke up just in time to see the person responsible confess and be taken away before the credits started rolling. Perfect timing!

Strangely enough, we had been discussing how beautiful the scenery was in Midsomer Murders whilst having our cuppa in bed this morning. As I had my phone with me I went to Google to find where it was filmed (what did we ever do without Google?) Up came a special website for this query and we had a good look at it and discussed going to this area of England when we go overseas next year. (Have a look here: http://www.visitmidsomer.com/)

Well, it was certainly better than discussing distressing situations! We were relieved to have something better to talk about and soon got excited about the prospect of following in the footsteps of our favourite detectives. It is located a short distance outside of London so it is easily accessible.

Therefore dear friends, as evening comes in, I am heating up leftovers for dinner. They are warming as I write-up this post … my spur of the moment post in fact. It has been a nice opportunity to sit and write about the last 24 hours and mull a little on life. The thing that came out of my difficult evening last night, was that one is never too old to learn from your mistakes or to seize opportunities for growth.

Sure … life may be painful at times but you have to accept the good with the bad … embrace both as you walk the trail of life. All is well now but I will leave you dear friends, with this quote I found tonight; it pretty much sums up how I feel.

“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.” – Unknown

Yes, I do feel stronger today. I feel cleansed and renewed. Sometimes we need ‘time out’ to look inwards, have honest communications with those close to us and to ‘fess up when we’ve messed up! Now it’s time to forget committing any of my own murders and simply dream of visiting the countryside of Midsomer Murders instead …