Hello all

Today is no ordinary Friday! Not only is it Queensland Day here in Australia (anniversary of proclamation of our state), it is also the 70th anniversary of the D. Day Landings in Europe and our Prime Minister is in France at present attending ceremonies for this celebration.

However, this is not the reason I was out and about this afternoon. No one has thought me important enough to invite me to attend Queensland Day celebrations in the city. No one thought I should be invited to France with important officials either.

No, but there is someone who thinks me so important that they want to come and spend an evening with me …. desperately! Yes, It’s none other than my granddaughter Alice (12). I am to meet her and bring her home to my place for the night. We are to rendezvous at Garden City a main bus transport area. I am catching a bus from my house and she is catching a bus from her school.

I want to teach her how to catch the bus to my house so she can be independent if she needs to come down. Therefore, after our rendezvous we will come back together on MY bus! Yes, I know it’s a lot of effort but it is well-worth doing.

The thing is, that in this day and age, the commodity most parents lack is TIME … and this is the very thing that children crave most from us adults. Time spent with anyone makes them feel important, loved and valued … especially children. I am glad to be able to give some of my time to help in this way.

Alice has wanted to catch the bus to my house for a long time but hasn’t felt courageous enough to do it on her own, hence the reason why I am meeting her half-way – to give her confidence. She sent me a text message last night asking me to be at her Bus Stop at Garden City when she arrives as she’s “a little scared.”

What seems run of the mill to us adults is not the same for children, so we need to show them, by our action, how it’s done and this involves time and inconvenience and energy. However, I can’t help but be delighted that somehow I am able to have an influence on her; to help in her growth as I teach her something as fundamental as catching buses! This time will pass so very quickly and I want to enjoy every bit of it while I can.

Alice is here with us now and we are about to sit down and watch a movie; she has asked me if she can write up her little bit … it’s over now to Alice. Isn’t she a darling?


Hello, this is Alice

This is true i love my grandma and i love spending time with her on the weekends i wake up in the mornings and run into her bedroom and drink our tea (me with Milo)and listening to the birds cheeping.when i do come down we always find our own way to spend time with each other while i am down here.

Bye bye off to eat the apple crumble that grandma made for me yummy and watch a movie!