Split-Second Story

In this week’s photo challenge, capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame. We want you to become a documentary photographer and attempt to capture a candid moment of a person, place, or thing. Let your imagination inspire and guide you!

Hello all!

Welcome to my take this week on candid photography … or as WordPress calls it: The SPLIT-SECOND STORY.

Of course I love to tell a story in writing but I try to take my photos in the same way: I take them to tell a story also. Therefore, this week I have included a SETTING THE SCENE photo (the smaller photo) and then the SPLIT-SECOND STORY (the larger photo) underneath it.

It was a lovely family time over Easter in the sunny state of Queensland Australia. Hervey Bay: a beautiful spot four hours drive north of Brisbane. It was autumn here but the weather was as warm and balmy as any lovely summer’s day at the beach.

It is winter now and as we have donned our winter woolies, we keep looking back at those candid shots of our holiday together, dreaming of warmer days and looking forward to doing it all over again at Hervey Bay NEXT Easter! As my grandson Isaac (4) says: “Grandma, let’s talk about Hervey Bay!” every time he sees either grandma. How blessed we felt to share the holiday together with our children and grandchildren.

And of course, there is the photo book I did online for each family; they love to pour over it. In this way, it keeps the dream and the memories alive for them … and indeed for all of us! Family memories are not just ‘made’ … they happen only with a lot of plotting and good planning!

1.THE SCENE: The local water park at Hervey Bay had this delightful little water slide - see bottom left for where the kids come out.

Scene 1. SETTING THE SCENE: The local water park at Hervey Bay; bottom left is where the kids slide out.

I captured my grand as he came down the slide in a split-second shot.

Scene. 1: JUST LANDED! I captured my grandson as he came down the slide in a great split-second shot. I love this!

2.THE SCENE: The family watches as son Daniel brings in the surf paddle for some fun with the kids.

Scene 2. SETTING THE SCENE: On Scarness Beach as Daniel brings in the surf ski for some fun.


Scene 2: All the grandchildren in vairous poses in a split-second shot of their activities!

Scene 2: LET’S ALL GET ON THE SURF SKI! All the grandchildren in various poses in a split-second shot as they hop aboard. Cousins having fun together!


3.THE SCENE: Late one afternoon whilest holidaying in Hervey Bay I came across these men playing botchie on the beach next to the caravan park (on right)

Scene 3. SETTING THE SCENE: These men played the game of Botchie every afternoon next to the Scarness Caravan Park.

Scene 3: The close up enables you to see where the botchie balls (silver) are in that split-second in time

Scene 3: ABOUT TO THROW! The close up enables you to see the botchie balls (silver) in their hands as the game proceeds. Strangers on the beach!


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