Futures Past

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

Hello all

Here is my take on what I wanted to be when I grew up … something very dear to my heart. Enjoy!

 The scene was set … I was thirteen years old and engrossed in my book ‘The Pen and Pencil Club.’

In it, the twelve-year-old girls were forming a club so they could create a newspaper called – you guessed it – The Pen and Pencil Club! I read with great enthusiasm the ins and outs of how these girls went about their task.

writerThat was it! I would be a writer when I got older. Just like that … the idea was planted in my mind. I tossed it around, chewed on it, thought about it and dreamt of it for years.

Eventually I began writing in a diary … just mundane things but it was a beginning.

On the 31st December 1960 I wrote on the piece of paper which was my diary – I had no book as yet:

“Today is the last day of 1960. I can’t get over how fast the year has gone. Jeanette (my sister) and I went to the pictures to See Elvis Presley in ‘G.I. Blues’. Elvis is really changed since he came out of the Army, his hair is done differently and he sings a lot of slow songs and he is as handsome as ever.”

I was 14 years old and about to go to High School! Eventually I bought a shorthand notebook to document my thoughts and I wrote regularly thereafter. One entry I wrote as the Cuban Missile crisis raged between America and Russia:

25th October 1962

“CUBA! CUBA! RUSSIA! USA! RUSSIA! CASTRO! That’s all we get. There’s a big crisis in the world at the moment. Yesterday it was announced that USA said they would sink Russian ships carrying arms if they refused to be search near Cuba. We all think there might be a war. Everyone’s praying.

All the kids at school never talk about anything else: “What’s the latest from Cuba?”  Answer: “25 ships (Russian) heading for Cuba!”

Now, five have turned away. Then, twenty still coming on. Pray for the other twenty! That’s all we get. Oh well, war or no war, I must get some sleep. Anyway, another topic for conversation!”

And so it continued. Shorthand Notebooks 1-10 covering 1961-1978 but still I had not become a writer! The dream had somehow faded through the years as life steamrolled me with a bank job, entering the convent and marrying. By 1978, I had both a husband and two children. One of my last entries in the 1978 diary was this one:

22nd December 1978

The kids in the street are really having a ball. Yesterday they went door knocking selling rocks and old tiles. Today they’ve been singing Christmas Carols. Three girls (including my daughter) dressed in their one pieces swimmers with home-made stars on their heads looked lovely. They also did a play entitled ‘Jingle Bells’ which was a scream.”

In 1978 something took place that changed forever my writing. I stopped writing a diary in Shorthand Notebooks. At that time, some one at my church introduced me to keeping a Spiritual Journal. It was much like my diary but far more personal. Every single day I wrote in that journal. I wrote about all my hopes and dreams, my angers, my joys and any insights I’d had about my life … I just keep on writing Until 2011 I wrote every day.

My children grew up … I went to university … I began my career in the federal government … I became a grandmother … I retired … still I kept writing. However, I had NOT become:  A WRITER!

Fast forward some years and once again the scene was set … it was the end of  2011 when I received an email from WordPress which said: “Why don’t you blog every day of 2012?”

Well indeed, why not?

Finally … my dream of becoming a writer had begun and I did write every single day of 2012. From there it has continued until now; almost three years later I am still  going strong as I write on my blog – no longer every day – but approximately three times a week. Of course, it meant that I no longer wrote in my spiritual journal every single day. The need for it has simply gone! My desire to write had taken a new and different turn, however I still write certain things in my journal that are very close to my heart.

I cannot believe it took me so long to start writing in earnest dear friends, but I have to say that not a day goes by when I am not thinking about what to write, when to write and how to write it. I have found my passion dear friends!

It had taken me 52 years from 1960 to 2012 to achieve my dream of becoming a writer. Now as I approach my 68th birthday this year I wonder where my writing might take me? Sure, I studied and became an editor and would like to concentrate next year on editing more books, but my absolute dream would be to publish a book. I want to touch it and feel it to believe that it is real.

When this happens, dear friends, I will truly believe that I HAVE BECOME A WRITER!


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