WordPress Challenge: Finders Keepers

While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?

Dear friends, here is my small offering on Finders Keepers. For the back story on the poem, read the postscript under this verse. It is best to enjoy the verse first … then read the story.


The sand glistens

So small a gleam that one can barely see it

Yet it is there

A tiny corner visible

Like the edge of something valuable

Gold perhaps?

One should look closer

And so I walk toward the gleaming

The closer I get

The harder to locate

Going backwards one must squint to see it gleam

This far back

That far forward

Is it here … or maybe there?

Perhaps best forgotten

And yet … curiosity is too great

Another attempt to find the gleam

Ends in failure yet again

But when I settle on the sand

To sit and reflect

The gleam catches my eye again

I am now as one possessed

I dig here… I dig there

It seems forever

Until … at last … I have my treasure!

A square piece of gold paper

… it seems

But this paper is bulky

Does it contains something within?

Ah look … unwrapping brings delight

For therein lies a wedding ring of gold

Once wrapped up tight

But now unfurled

Who lost this valuable thing?

And who am I to keep it?

It belongs now to the sand

And to the sea perhaps?

If it could speak

It would tell a tale of woe

For never is a wedding ring

Lost lightly … or without

…  some story hidden within

Alas, we will never know

For no one claimed the wedding ring

Now it sits on the mantle piece

Shiny … bright … pure treasure

A reminder of what WAS

But now IS

And forever will BE:

Just a ring

With an invisible story within

That no one will ever know.


I wrote this poem because my husband lost his wedding ring in the sand on the beach a few years ago. We only realised later that it must have dropped out of the container in the beach bag where I had put it for safety. No amount of digging up the sand later could locate the ring. The funny thing was: this was the second wedding ring my husband lost at the beach! Another was lost in the garden and he dug it up two years later … much to his astonishment.

He now has a third wedding ring and I would not be surprised if it was to be lost at some stage again as he loves to take it off  “so he won’t lose it” in the sea. Oh, if only all those wedding rings could talk and tell the story of what they were doing in the sand!

So here I have concocted my own story. Perhaps our wedding ring lost in the sand has now been found and sits on someone’s mantle piece … with an untold, invisible story within.  In fact, I wrote a blog post about the whole fiasco in 2012. Here it is: https://tessross.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/how-many-wedding-rings-can-you-lose-before/

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