The Prompt today from WordPress is”

“If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?”

Hello all

I am feeling rather sad at the moment as a special friend of the family is dying and Geoff and I are travelling five hours south of here to see her – hopefully – before she dies. Still, I couldn’t help myself when I saw this Daily Prompt from WordPress yesterday and thought it would cheer me up to write. It is no secret that my husband and I fell in love with Paris when we travelled overseas five years ago this month. So here, before I head off on compassionate grounds for a few days,  is my take of Tale of Two Cities:

Tale of Two Cities

The call of Paris haunts me still

I long to be on the Pedestrian Bridge

… at night .

.. overlooking the Seine

Everything around lit up like fairyland

Paris lit up like fairyland

Paris lit up like fairyland

Just as in the movies … and on postcards!

I long to be chatting to the people who gather there

Eating Pizza and drinking wine

Discussing the state of the world

Convincing the Parisians of the wonders of Australia

Yet convincing no one but ourselves

I long to hear the poetic language that dances all around me:

 “Bon … jour” –  high then low – in sing-song fashion.

Yes how I long for Paris in the springtime

But then again … can I give away my hometown?

… wonderful Brisbane, Australia?

Pictures come to mind:

South Bank with its beautiful walkway.

South Bank with its beautiful walkway.

 Walking under the Bougainvillea walkway near the river

Towering buildings of the city looming in the background

And endless beaches foaming as the waves roll in

How can I live without my heart’s first love?

My birth place … my childhood delight

…  my adult security

Oh how indeed ?

Perhaps if I were to have two homes, I could leave this town of mine

And wander the streets of Paris in the warmer months

Then return to Brisbane to swim in the summer surf

With beaches never found near Paris!

Could I possibly eliminate winter altogether?

Except when my heart cries out for colder climes?

My Tale of Two Cities  seems impossible to me

But then again … I can always dream

… of wandering country lanes in France

… of catching trains and adventuring

Returning always to the heart of Paris

Where my eyes can behold this city of  beauty.

And when my appetite is sated

I can wake to the reality of my Brisbane abode

Knowing that my heart lives here

Whilst acknowledging that Paris will always be present

… in my dreams

Perhaps I already live in two cities:

One in reality and one in my dreams?

Brisbane will be always be here with me

So until we meet again dear Paris

I’ll see you in my dreams …


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