The Weekly Challenge from WordPress this week is this:

Flash fiction. You might know it by one of many other names, including sudden fiction, micro fiction, micro-story, short short, postcard fiction, or short short story. No matter which name you know it by, flash fiction is the ultimate challenge to writers everywhere — to tell a story in very few words.
While there’s no widely accepted length, flash fiction can include six-word stories on up to stories of about 300 words. We know it’s easy to write long. It’s much more difficult to kill your darlings — to write short — hence, the challenge. We hope you’re up for it!

Hello all

Here is my piece of ‘flash fiction’ only it is NOT flash fiction, it is actually ‘flash FACTION’ in so far as the story is a true one but because it happened so long ago some of the details may be a little bit hazy. Still the gist of it is totally accurate … enjoy! My short story is approx 300 words in length.


“At 22 years of age, Janette was not a good-looking young woman. She was overweight with a rather large stomach and a very high waist which made her unappealing in her 1960s waisted dresses. Janette’s chances in the marital stakes were not high as she’d never had a boyfriend, or even been to a dance. She was such a nice girl, but rather shy with the opposite sex.

Janette caught the bus with me every morning for some years and I got to know her well on these daily trips to work. Then, there came a time when she was no longer at my bus stop and I wondered where she was but it never occurred to me to find out the reason why.

A year or more went by before I bumped into Janette in the city with her mother. In an excited voice, they told me that Janette was engaged and would soon be getting married! Seeing the surprised look on my face, they told me the whole story.

2011-12-HardRock5Janette and her mother met for lunch one day in a cafe, but they couldn’t find anywhere to sit as all the tables were taken.  Finally, they prevailed upon a young man sitting alone in a booth, to allow them to share the table. Very obliging and friendly as he was, he made room immediately.

Of course, they began talking and by the time lunch was over, they were so cosy with each other that an arrangement had been made to meet up again. Janette’s mother was enthusiastic in her praise for the young man who fitted into the family so well. And now, 18 months later they were about to be married. How fortuitous they said. Fancy this happening out of the blue!

A chance encounter.

A crowded cafe.

An obliging and talkative young man who made a shy girl (and her mother) feel like a million dollars.

All the ingredients for a romance that no one had thought likely … or seen coming. It just goes to show that love can creep up on us in the most unlikely places and when we are not really looking for it! My believe in LOVE has never faltered since then … ”

What interesting story do YOU have about meeting up with your partner in life?


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