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Hello all

Have you noticed that we can often find inspiration in the strangest places dear friends? This happened to me last week … and it came when I was least expecting it! More on this soon. But first, what do you think of this drawing above?

I know it is a bit hard to read the writing but you will get the chance to view some clearer pictures shortly. The fact is I saw this picture whilst travelling home from Hervey Bay to Brisbane last week and it was so clever I just had to get a photo of it to share with you. Now, gather around folks so I can whisper where I found it … for it did not come via your usual source of inspiration.

You see, I saw it on the back of a public toilet door in a park in the tiny little town of Tiaro … population of about 300 people.  Afterwards, I ran back to where we were having lunch to get my phone as this image begged to be shared with the world!

I have no idea who drew the picture as it wasn’t signed, but I simply loved the message. I am sorry that the flash has spoiled the look of my photo but it was either that or have a dark photo so I opted for the flash. Now, let’s look at the top part of the picture … as shown below:

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Can you see the ocean has been turned into a big sea monster (akin to the Loch Ness Monster) retaliating for what has been done to it. The sad thing is, the drawing is quite accurate! It simply depicts what we all know to be true. The ocean will destroy the city if we keep disrespecting it. As I sat there, trying hard to read the words (it was dark inside the toilets) it occurred to me how clever it was.

Therefore I’ve done what the artist probably intended in putting it there: I have passed on the message. Now for the bottom half of the message which is on a totally different subject:

2014-04-24 13.21.56


It took a while, but when I finally worked out the words on this part of the drawing, I got to thinking about it. Don’t we all feel fearful when we try something new? Also, when we finally get through the fear and do whatever it is we need to do, we feel empowered and don’t realise that we have been in the act of GROWING! Sure, it feels uncomfortable; it feels strange at first, but once it becomes a habit, it feels perfectly normal.

They say it takes two weeks between trying something new and it becoming a habit that we take for granted. And during that two long weeks, it can feel downright awful as we struggle to do whatever it is we are trying to change like a minor habit. It may take longer to change something bigger but it can be done!

Take note of when you feel fear next time and ask yourself: “Is this my inner being telling me it’s time to GROW?” Yes, I know … I know … it HURTS to grow, but that shouldn’t stop us. 

So while I was doing some research on this topic, I was again inspired when I came across a rather wonderful website http://www.queenofyourownlife.com. I loved the photos and the writing I found there but it was the picture that drew me in. Perhaps, it was because it was such a contrast to the black drawing on the toilet door that I fell in love with it … who knows? Take a look at it here:


The site: Queen of Your Own Life is full of what the writer calls ‘Queenisms’ . You know, wise things to say. Once again, inspiration had come when I was least expecting it! Visit the website to be inspired all over again … by the pictures AND the writing. Now for the wisdom that went with this picture which really impressed me:

“There is always more than one solution to a problem. But we often get stuck in the “must” mentality.  Sometimes leaving a situation is the right answer. Sometimes talking it out and daring to say what you think is the right approach. Sometimes daring to see another point of view and having the courage to say I’m sorry is the best way to grow. there is no one solutions to all problems. There are unlimited solutions if we keep our minds and our hearts open.

We must be life-long learners. We must not be afraid to hear another point of view. We must also be willing to stick to our guns when we know we’re right. But how will we know if our minds are closed? A paradox and a parable.”

I love the Queenism:we must be life-long learners’. Do it and you will never grow old mentally … even if your body does grow old. This one phrase really does inspire ME.

What have YOU been inspired by lately; something that was out of the ordinary? I was inspired last week by a novel I was reading about life and love. It made me aware of some failures in my life and the need to write about them (https://tessross.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/a-new-theme-on-the-journey-called-life/). No one was more amazed than me because I was not expecting this revelation in the middle of a romantic tale.

I also remember many years ago, being touched by music while I was driving along and before I knew it, I was crying because the lyrics Vanessa Williams was singing hit me in the heart. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that time and it healed a part of me that I never realised was in need of healing.

Therefore dear friends, I do believe that we can be inspired to change or to be a better person or learn something new, not just by reading ‘proper books’ or studying psychology, but by letting ALL the events of life that come our way, speak to us as we walk the journey.

Watch out for inspiration every day in unlikely places such as I found on the door of a public toilet …