Hello all

I have come back from my trip to Hervey Bay renewed dear friends.

It has motivated me to try a new theme on my blog. It seemed the right time to make a move and update the look and give you all something different to view.

You see, it’s like this. For the better part of this year I have been focused on my Gym Journey … to lose weight and get fit by doing the 9 Week Challenge. Sadly, the journey with all the people Pat and I met doing the challenge has come to an end.

Pat and I all done up in our best.

Pat and I all done up in our best.

We celebrated on Friday night by getting all done up in our best finery and attending a Cocktail Party for all the Challenge participants from the four ‘Go Health Club‘ gyms. There were good prizes up for grabs and great food which kept us sustained for hours. The food never seemed to stop.

Oh we did have a good time! Therefore that particular journey is now officially over. Pat and I were hugging and kissing all the Beenleigh participants as they left last night … we will miss them after our last nine weeks together.

Let’s take a moment to shed a tear or two …

But on a brighter note one of the girls (Sue), who we watched in awe as she trained so hard, won a Wild Card prize for her wonderful effort at the gym. The applause that went up from our club left the others looking quite ordinary. Congratulations are in order for Sue … and also for her friend Gina who must have just missed out.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the theme on my blog.

This theme enables me to change the banner at will. It may sometimes change depending on the topic. Who know? It’s all at the author’s whim! I hope you like this idea. For the moment, this picture is an invitation to ‘Walk with Me on the Journey we Call Life.”  I loved putting that invitation ‘out there.’

Besides, I liked the look of the picture and I feel as if I’ve begun another journey now that the Gym Challenge is finished. Not that we won’t be attending the gym … we will … but the focus has gone hasn’t it? It’s funny that. It reminds me of when you come to the end of a good book and you can’t quite let go of it just yet. You have to keep on re-reading the parts that made you laugh … or made you cry. It’s a bit like a loss really, or a relationship break-up because you feel bereft.

Well, that’s how finishing the Gym Challenge feels like to me. There is now a bit of a void in my life. I’m sure it won’t take long to find something else though, just give me a week or so and something will crop up. Now dear friends, let’s talk about FAILURE!

You see, people often tell me that I have achieved a lot of things during my life eg going back to study in my forties, recommencing in the workforce when I was fifty and then later blogging every day of 2012, completing my Diploma of Editing and Publishing and editing my first book. But, things have not always been quite as easy for me as it would appear!

I know just how this father feels!

I know just how this father feels!

When I was away, I was led to think about the number of failures I had earlier in my life. In fact, I recounted to my husband over a cuppa, the number of attempts I’d had to complete my Year 12 so that I could apply for university. Four attempts I had and each time I only lasted a few months before something or other (wrong time, wrong place, wrong subjects etc etc) caused me to ‘chuck’ the whole thing in. On the fifth attempt many years later, I finally succeeded!

And then it wasn’t easy-going either for I failed to get into the course at uni that I wanted to study! More waiting and wondering what to do next. Finally, I opted to stay back a year at Tafe while all my friends from the Year 12 course went to university. Oh, it was so hard! Yet, I knew if I was to do what I wanted, I needed to get my entry score higher and try again.

I succeeded the second year and the rest is history dear friends. But I do believe that the path I took was the right path for me because the people I met on the journey, the experiences I had and then finally, the man I met during my last year at university was all part of a plan for me personally. This man was instrumental in recommending me for a job and it was thanks to him (and my own record) that I had a career in the Federal Government.

So friends, as I finish up today, let me encourage you all – as we walk this Journey we call Life – not to be daunted by failures that come your way. And there have been other failures in my earlier life also which I will write about at a later date. Who knows where the journey will take us? You may have to wait to see where life leads you. Only now as I have got older, am I seeing the pieces of my life fit together like a jig saw puzzle.

It sure feels good to be able to see it this way! Therefore today I want to leave you with a quotation which might just inspire you as much as it has inspired me:

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
Winston Churchill