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Today as we celebrate Anzac Day here in Australia, I found this post today which I wrote in 2012 and re-reading it I liked it so much that I thought I should share it. It is about a personal experience of a special Dawn Service overseas. Read how these ‘two people’ were on board a cruise ship as it passed through the Dardanelles, Turkey  in 2008. It’s a great story and it is true!

 25th April 2012

As I lay in bed this morning, I heard the radio announcer begin the Dawn Service in Canberra. It was 5.30am.

“At 4.15 on the morning of April 25th 1915, the Australia & New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) began their landing on the beach at Gallipoli in Turkey. The spirit of the first ANZACS was born on that day and through the years it has grown as Australia and New Zealand have taken part in wars and campaigns overseas.”

As I listened, a memory stirred within me …

                 “It is early morning as the cruise ship passes through the Dardanelles near Turkey on April 25th 2008.

Two long figures, rugged up against the biting cold, stand alone on deck waiting in anticipation of what they hope to see. Off in the distance, a very large Turkish Monument appears on top of what seems to be a Cape. It has a very large Turkish flag flying from the top of it and as it is on a hilltop,  it cannot be missed because it is well lit-up.

They speculate that surely this is the place where those brave ANZAC soldiers landed on this very morning in 1915. The 2000 foreign passengers on board the ship are all fast asleep as it is a little after 3am and they are not aware of the significance of this area. They do not know what happened here 93 years ago this day.

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