Hello all

As we are driving home from Hervey Bay to Brisbane today, I thought you might enjoy this fun post ‘From the Archives’ which I wrote in 2012. It’s all about things that go missing like earrings, socks and any amount of other things. And there is a discussion about men and marriage also. I hope you enjoy it. I present to you:

 Oh No! Five Lost Earrings!

Today I am starting with a question: how come I have five missing earrings all of a sudden??

I am not talking about missing earrings, as in pairs. No, I mean I have five (perhaps more) earrings that are all on their lonesome with no mate. And it seems to have happened all in the last three weeks.

Now I ask you, what does this mean? Not only that, I also have another five earrings that are unattached from the hook that goes into your ear … but on one earring only. The strangest part of it is, when I try to attach it back I cannot understand how it got off the earring in the first place?! Nothing appears loose and there is no part missing. Am I the only person who has ever experienced this??

What is going on here? There is some sort of earring thief out to get me I am sure. Or make me feel as if I am going crazy – one or the other. Perhaps it is the Bermuda Triangle for earrings? I cannot fight this thing.

To read the full post click here: https://tessross.wordpress.com/the-best-of-life-with-tess/oh-no-five-lost-earrings/