Hello all

As one family member after another has left Hervey Bay, we have been here in our van waving them goodbye and giving them sustenance of tea and coffee before they go.

The last of the family went today but Geoff and I remain here looking forward to another few days before we pack up and head back to Brisbane.

But today I had an agenda and when everyone left, I put my plan into action. You see dear friends, I wanted to buy a cocktail dress to wear to my 9 Week Challenge Cocktail Party this coming Friday night and I was determined to wait until today to start searching.

Yes, you may wonder what had happened to me and this Challenge since it ended on 12th April?  It ended just in time for Easter so that those of us who had worked so hard to get in shape and lose weight, could have a week off before we celebrated.

The thing is … what happens when you don’t exercise, eat lots of chocolate, go out for coffees and have barbeques for days? Yes, you put on weight that’s what you do … oh help! With none of my dresses at home cutting the mustard for such a dressed-up ‘do” it was time for action.

The top of my cocktail dress with a peplum and black skirt.

The top of my cocktail dress which has a peplum and black short skirt.

I had seen a shop not far from the caravan park called “Beautiful Elegance” which I thought might just have something I could look fabulous in at the Cocktail Party.

You see, one has to show off one’s new body which took so many weeks to get. Why bother going in some shapeless dress? Now, that is a complete waste … can’t have that dear friends!

And guess what? After trying on five fabulous dresses (some which weren’t too fabulous on my body!) I decided on a black and white number which ticked all the boxes for showing off ‘the body’ that I worked so hard to get. Okay so it’s not perfect yet, but it doesn’t look too bad after losing 4 kg of weight.

Now, the added bonus of buying this nice dress was that it made me get back on the fitness wagon. I could hardly believe that immediately after it’s purchase, I wanted to walk along the beach for an hour, refuse the chocolate that Geoff offered me, and do some weights to tighten up my arms which were threatening to become flabbier by the minute!

I could hardly believe it … but I didn’t fight it either. After a week of doing very little exercise – no gym or weights – it seemed a perfectly natural thing to do: get back on the wagon. I even found a large bottle of oil and a large bottle of water in my cupboard to use as weights to tighten up those flabby arms and got stuck into it after my long walk.

Ah yes, and then of course there was THAT dress! The motivating dress. The dress worth every bit of the $100 I paid for it. So now, as I complete this post before heading for bed, I feel good about what has taken place thanks to my secret agenda today.

Just when I felt totally unmotivated about the whole ‘gym thing’, I am now motivated to start again. And to anyone in this caravan park who saw me lifting bottles of oil and water as weights, you are not going mad … you were not seeing things, you were just watching a crazy woman in action. Oh the fun of it!

Thank so much to the lovely lady in ‘Beautiful Elegance‘ who helped me out by being brutally honest with how I looked and then so cleverly selling me a second dress into the bargain for everyday wear.

Ah … the dress … the dress … the dress! Can’t wait to wear it …