Hello all

Is there such a thing as Easter Sunday Mayhem dear friends? I think there is.

You know, it’s when there is so much going on around you that you are in a spin trying to take it all in. Well, that’s how my day turned out to be like today!

Easter gifts

Easter gifts

It’s also when you are having a wonderful time, but too many things are happening at once that at times you want to run away. There was eight adults and four children spending Easter Sunday together up here in Hervey Bay. Oh, it was fun!

So many Easter eggs/chocolates/gifts were given out that the Beach House where we were all gathered was littered with bunny baskets, super hero teddy bears, eggs and gifts … and children with faces covered in chocolate!

But what would Easter be without these things? And what would Easter be without children, parents and grandparents all in the one house laughing and having fun?

It would not be Easter dear friends!

And we had started well by going to 8.30 am Mass in the morning together. One minute, hymns were ringing out “He is Risen!” and the next minute we were at the house taking part in the Great Big Easter Egg Hunt with the four children present.

Last night’s discussion about whether the Easter Bunny would know where to leave the eggs had been forgotten as he had obviously found everyone either at the caravan park or the beach house.

Well done Easter Bunny … thank goodness for GPS. Mr Bunny is obviously up on his technology.

After lunch we all relaxed and some people were known to be sleeping with their mouths wide open … which made it very tempting not to take photos which could be used as blackmail later on. Ha ha … it could still happen.

The sunset over Point Vernon at Hervey Bay

The sunset over Point Vernon at Hervey Bay

The day finished with wine and nibbles whilst watching the beautiful sunset over Point Vernon with my brother and  his wife who had some family visiting for Easter. We were all tired, but it was worth the effort and lovely to catch up with my nephew and his wife.

As the sky turned into all shades of red which reflected on the pools of water left by low tide, we realised how lucky we were to have family who live here in Hervey Bay to catch up with. Geoff’s sister who lives here too, came and joined us for lunch. Geoff’s other sister Sylvia, was too ill to come but the family did visit in the afternoon.

So now as we’ve come back to our caravan to prepare for bed, we can no longer stand the sight of chocolate. This must mean that Easter Sunday is coming to an end.

This must also mean that it’s time to put the two girls to bed – totally against their will – turn out the lights and say Good Night.

Yes, it’s all over folks. Good Night all!