Hello all

Oh how we love coming up here to Hervey Bay!

Every time we come round the bend and take the road along the Esplanade we breathe more deeply and a feeling of relaxation comes upon us. I suppose my mind goes back to coming here as a child – my first and only real holiday during my childhood – made possible only because my Auntie and Uncle lived here.

It’s now our second morning at the Bay and the call of the butcher birds woke us so we were up at the crack of dawn. As we are camped on the foreshore, it is easy to make a quick visit to the beach to watch the sun coming up over Fraser Island and see the calm waters of the bay before starting the day. I wanted to write on my blog early. Life could get busy later when the family begins arriving!

As usual, I have been writing in my travel journey … so come along with me as I share some of the details of the last two days:

Tuesday 15th April 2014 … 8pm

 We arrived here mid afternoon but it hasn’t taken long to settle in after five hours on the road. We are very tired though and now that we’ve made the bed, it is looking rather inviting. It’s my own fault … really it is! Let me explain.

I’m asking myself: “why did you have to walk all the way and back to Zephyr Street after that long drive?” Oh, dear friends, it looked so easy on the map, but it took 25 mins in fact to arrive at the house the Brauer/Ross family will be renting and then we walked back along the sea which took us another 30 minutes.

We must be crazy! Still, coming back on the walking path was very special with the sun going down over the bay. When we got back we sunk into a chair and sighed with relief. Sore, creaking bones from too much walking overwhelmed us but I looked out the caravan window and saw a sign across the road: “Chinese Restaurant.” Oh, it was so inviting with no tea at the ready. 

That was it! Off we went to eat Chinese for dinner. What a great choice it was: Mongolian sizzling beef, chicken curry Malaysian style and rice. Yummy! ‘Eating in’ is such a different experience from getting take-away. Have you noticed that?

It’s the atmosphere in this Restaurant that makes it special; Chinese lanterns lit up, large Chinese fans on the walls and other beautiful decorations including different coloured hearts lit up out the front. Our waitress too was exceptional, very attentive to us and like all the other girls, she was dressed in Oriental costume.

It turns out she was part American Indian, part Chinese, Scottish and Aboriginal. What an interesting combination … but she was a beautiful-looking combination too. It could only happen in Australia!

This reminded me of the two young German back-packers we chatted to at our rest stop along the way today. It always makes being on the road an adventure. You never know who you’ll meet.

Wednesday 16th April 2014

It is late afternoon here at Scarness Caravan Park … a lovely park in which to stay. I’m sitting on a bench overlooking the beach as Geoff and a nearby caravan resident are trying to solve the mystery of our electricity problem: no lights are working. I’ve brought my travel journal here to catch the last of the daylight as the sun sinks further on the horizon.

It’s been a busy day getting our van organised, visiting Geoff’s sick sister and then shopping for a camp cupboard without success. It is so calm here on the beach and I need that right now … I’m just breathing in and breathing out.

There is only an odd person or two walking along the beach. It IS quiet and peaceful.

The ‘bochie men’ who were playing here earlier have left. With a beer in one hand, they throw their bochie ball with the other whilst trying to keep their balance on the sand. It’s quite an art. Perhaps it’s the alcohol that’s affecting them!

The people under the striped umbrella have upped-stumps and left too. Children who were playing here in the sand earlier have been called in for tea.

All that’s left is the gentle rolling in of tiny waves as they hit the shore. Darkness is coming in with a vengeance now … as are the mosquitoes. They’ve decided it’s time to suck blood; miniscule vampires that they are!

Now, a couple of birds fly home to roost against the darkened sky. They better be quick before the bird curfew falls! Time for me to leave the ‘mozzies’ behind and go check my dinner cooking in the slow cooker (the power points are working) and see if these men have managed to fix our lights.

I came home to see our van ablaze with lights – a bit like a power station all lit up – and sighed with relief that our dilemma has been rectified. Thank goodness for caravanning men who love to investigate and help each others with any problems that arise. When I left they were as excited as school boys! Problem? What problem? To them it’s a grand adventure!

Such is life when you are in a caravan …