Dear friends,

As I will be travelling to Hervey Bay today, I thought you might enjoy this post taken ‘From the Archives.’  I wrote it in the middle of 2012 on a cold rainy Monday when my sister was dying and things were a little grim. In it I discuss  what Sunday had brought to me when I tried to cheer myself up: a movie, a story about Geoff and wedding rings and how this relates to pigs. Enjoy!

Day 163 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Yesterday was  a depressing day. We woke up to cold and rain and despite our desire to head to Church in the morning, we succumbed to the covers and stayed put with our papers and cup of tea in bed. It sure felt good!

We  postponed church until the evening but it was what happened in between that  could have made it even more depressing. It didn’t help that I had a couple of things on my mind eg. my sister in hospital having a cancer operation on Friday and a dear young friend who’d  had an operation for a brain tumor (Wed) that proved to be malignant.

I was feeling heavy at heart but I got up and carried on trying not to dwell on these things, I decided after lunch that a nice happy lighthearted movie was needed to offset my fragility. I picked one on DVD a 2000 movie called “Autumn in New York” starring  Richard Gere and the beautiful Winona Ryder.

Scenery from ‘Autumn in New York’


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