Dear friends, here is another post from 2012 when I was blogging every day. The post speaks for itself, but the events occurred just as I wrote here. It certainly was a Sunday of discovery. And I found out things about one of my favourite comedians: Jerry Seinfeld. H is settled down with a wife and children now … so far removed from the character he played in the comedy Seinfeld. Enjoy!  (You will also find this post under ‘From the Archives’ tab on my home page).

Day 260 of 366: Blog Challenge 2012

Hello all

This morning Geoff and I enjoyed going to church as a Fillipino choir was singing brilliantly so we soaked up the atmosphere and came away uplifted and happy.

After church we did actually come home but my mood was far too good to be at home drinking coffee. Besides I was all dressed up and so while we were still in the driveway, we made a split decision to continue on and have coffee at a little cafe near us.

I have written before about Christopher’s Cafe and the ‘to die for‘ apple pie with cream (and ice-cream if desired) that I like to eat when I am there so of course it was always going to be obvious what we would have with our coffee.

It all turned out very well: we ran into some old acquaintances and had a catch-up with them, finished our morning tea and headed for home. While we were having coffee, I was trying to work out my latest Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone that Geoff and I had acquired on Friday. I was loving every moment of figuring it out folks!

But life is rather strange isn’t it? Sometimes it hands you things you would never have known unless someone told you about them, especially in the pre-internet days.  So on this occasion it was handed to me when I decided to try out the internet on my phone by Googling something … anything.

Okay what would I Google? What have I just been doing? Oh of course, ‘ Sunday morning coffee’ sounds good! Boom …  up came all those pages of Google with Sunday morning coffee in the title. I had no idea that there were blogs called “Sunday Morning Coffee” or so many posts that were written with this exact title.

There was one American news website called “Sunday Morning Coffee” that said:

“It’s like several friends getting together over coffee talking about politics, gossip,  the day and events that are important…and not so much.  It’s Sunday Morning Coffee…grab a cup and let’s visit.”

And so the website proceeded to give you all the latest American news and gossip. An interesting concept to be sure. …. to read the whole post including what is the latest on Jerry Seinfeld, go to: