WordPress Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember

What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!

 Hello all


I saw this Daily Prompt tonight and a few things came immediately to mind, but strangely enough, they all involved loved ones dying! I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve come home after a long day spent at the hospital where my husband’s sister is dying, a sister-in-law who is very much-loved, that my mind is thinking this way.

Or perhaps it is that moments involving death are more poignant than moments involving life. They linger as treasured memories of the ones we loved … and lost.

Whatever the reason, I want to share with you today my three memorable moments.

#1 Memorable Moment:

I am with my sister Margaret (73) and she is in the hospital surrounded by her family as she lays dying. She is my eldest sister and we are told that time is running out for her. In that moment, I realise there are a lot of things I need to say to her. I promise her that I will not leave her … that I will be with her as she goes to God.  She is not conscious at this point … but we are told that she CAN hear us.

With this in mind, I begin my little speech … and I have no idea what will come out of my mouth. I just start and I am surprised at what comes forth. I tell her that she was the wind beneath my wings and that I did not know it until this moment. My voice breaks but I continue on telling her what an amazing sister she was. Words come forth that I did not even know I thought!

I sum up her life for her … tell her how loved she was … tell her that she can go in peace now; she has achieved so much and that her family will be fine. I say more words of this kind and when I am finished there is complete silence in the room. I know that what I have said needed to be said.

Within 30 minutes my sister quietly slips away … someone notices then that she has breathed her last. I am altered forever by this experience. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to accompany my sister to the other side and I am so grateful I got the chance to speak to her from my heart.

It remains one of the great privileges of my life.

#2 Memorable Moment:

My mother and father have died unexpectedly three days apart and we have had a double funeral. We are at the grave at the cemetery as they lower first my father and then my mother into the ground. My heart is breaking. I am 43 years old and I feel like I have been orphaned. As the family gathers around the grave, dark clouds gather as we throw handfuls of dirt into the grave.

It feels like one of those scenes out of a movie as thunder roars and drops of rain begin to fall. My heart feels as dark and thunderous as the weather about me. I wonder if I will survive this awful experience … yet from somewhere within me comes a wonderful joy because my mother and father are together! One did not want to go without the other and now, both of them have got their wish. They are no longer in pain and no longer alone.

Mum’s cry at the funeral parlour when she saw Dad, has been heard. “Ted, she cried, I want to be with you!” Within 24 hours she was gone, talking to the priest about how she met my father. She had a massive heart attack at that moment and died. And then came the most amazing double funeral that one could ever attend.

Yes, my life has been changed forever by what happened when I said goodbye to my parents on the same day. I smile whenever I think of them and the way they were sent off … together.

#3 Memorable Moment:

Twin boys have been born to my son and his wife at 24 weeks of pregnancy. One of the babies is born dead due to a bizarre accident in the birth canal, the other baby is fighting for his life when both sets of grandparents arrive at the hospital. We are asked if we would like to meet Liam, the boy who did not survive. We are stunned by this but agree between ourselves that we can do this … together.

The dead baby is dressed in beautiful baby clothes complete with bonnet and booties and we take turns in holding him in a hospital room nearby. We cry. We hold him and talk to him. We tell him how beautiful he is and that we are sad we will not see him grow up. It is amazing what we manage to talk to him about.

The Lutheran Pastor is there with us helping us with our grief. He anoints Liam’s little head with oil and we sense that this is a very special moment for us all … that somehow in spending this time with our lifeless grandson we have bonded with him as much as if he was alive.

I will never forget that half hour we spent with our grandson and it remains with me as one of the very special moments in my life … to be allowed to meet and then grieve for a child we would never know in this world. It would be eight days before the next little twin would leave us to be with his brother.

Again, time to say goodbye in our own special way as Samuel lay in his little coffin. Two little boys … so very loved, as much in death as they would have been in life. Another amazing experience I will never forget.

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