Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

So much of life happens inside something. A house, a car, a sleeping bag, a UFO. Finding images of a thing inside something else can be a very powerful compositional tool. Show us photos that say: INSIDE

Hello all

We’ve have had INSIDE as a Photo Challenge before and on that occasion I used a photo of my granddaughter with a certain ‘look’ on her face. You can take a peek at the photo and verse I wrote about little Maddie here: https://tessross.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/photo-challenge-share-a-photo-that-says-inside/

But this time around, I have given you a glimpse into the INSIDE of a physical space: our Jayco Camper Trainer (caravan with sides that slide out). These photos were taken last September when my two older granddaughters were staying with us at the beach for the weekend with their mother. We made a little nest out of the table for the youngest to sleep on, while the older child slept in the double bed with her mother, at the opposite end to our Queen size bed.

It’s a cosy little caravan with all the comforts of HOME. I’m sure our grandchildren think of it as a “Cubby House” to play in … which sometimes earns the ire of their Grandpa who can get quite cross if they do not treat it with respect! And rightly so too but we love to have them with us as they can be relied upon to play cards and other games in between all that swimming and eating.

Even our daughter Maria, who has a house that Home & Garden would be proud of, lets her hair down when she comes to stay … daggy clothes are worn, she doesn’t seem to mind the mess and we all sit around in the mornings and evenings, drinking coffee and having fun.

However, as much as we all love the OUTDOORS when we go away together, being INSIDE can be just as much fun too. After lunch, there is always time for the adults to snooze on their respective beds, while the kids watch DVDs … as they were doing in these photos. Then of course, it’s an early night and off to bed so that we can do it all again the next day.

Come away with us dear friends … on our adventure … on the INSIDE of our van. Enjoy!

Come inside our caravan when we were camped at The Broadwater Southport last year.

Come inside our caravan. Here we were camped at The Broadwater, Southport last year.

Here are my granddaughter watching a DVD on our laptop

Up close and personal: my granddaughters watching a DVD on our laptop

Down the other end of the van is a mess but it holds 4 adults and three smaller people!

Down the other end of the van is a mess but it holds 4 adults and three smaller people! In the foreground is what we call ‘the little nest’. Note my Poppy Journey in the front of the photo.