Hello all

It was interesting at the gym today. No sooner had I said to Pat “I need to strengthen my legs” when the Personal Trainer arrived and said “we’re concentrating on the legs today.”  Wow! Yes indeed, when the pupil is ready the teacher will come. Within 5 minutes she came. Did I really do all those leg exercises? I wondered afterwards.

It happened this morning when  Pat and I lined up for the Foxy Circuit Class (no, this is not pole dancing!) which we have come to enjoy, only this time there was a different teacher and we were all in for a surprise … a surprise of the highest order with all those exercises designed to strengthen the legs. (See Foxy classes explained: http://www.gohealthclubs.com.au/foxy.php)

Surely we must have improved to be doing this class? We couldn’t possibly have done it earlier, could we? No. I think not. After two months of going to the gym, we have officially IMPROVED dear friends!

,y money purse is a bit like this with PEACE written on it.

My money purse is a bit like this with PEACE written on it.

We celebrated by getting out our walking sticks  going home for a cuppa, then off shopping for handbags, and clothes, ending with a late lunch. What a day! Feeling really blessed … albeit shaky on the legs. Your know folks, I feel rotten… but I’m not lying down crying about it.

I cannot believe I am doing this! Someone please wake me up and tell me it’s not a dream. Perhaps it isn’t a dream and I am actually getting fit? Who would have thought? Certainly not MOI!

Pat’s idea of popping into Beenleigh Marketplace for me to buy a money purse and a handbag turned into a major shopping event … filled to the brim with great bargains! Let’s put it this way, I arrived home three hours later so you can imagine what a great time we had … plus lunch of course.

Every good shopper has to be sustained with food in order to do more shopping … right? Well, yes it certainly was tempting; we had to tear ourselves away because bargains just kept appearing. Like the $190 Table Eight long dress I bought for $20 … perfect fit. Leaving the $30 doona covers complete with fitted sheet behind, we ran out of that place before we were sucked in yet again.

I came home for a well-deserved rest … and to try on all my new things. This resting after activities is becoming a habit dear friends! Yesterday too, I had a chance to stop after being out all morning, to have a cuppa and write in my Poppy Journal. You might like a peek at what I wrote then when I was chasing after something different entirely: ROMANCE! Here it is:

Monday 17th March 2014

Yes, I know I should be vacuuming my house this afternoon! So please don’t nag. Instead, I am sitting outside enjoying the breeze on this far too hot autumn day and having a cup of lemon and ginger tea.

I’m hoping the herbal tea will restore me after many busy days, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Oh well, a quiet day might do the trick if I could manage to get one lately. In fact, Shakespeare classes began again today and I was trying desperately not to nod off as we watched a movie; we had begun the class by watching Romeo & Juliet. Shirley does not take kindly to dozing off in her classes and particularly NOT in the movies she shows! (watch some of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FHpmn-KYec)

Aren't they a gorgeous young couple?

Aren’t they a gorgeous young couple?

Luckily, by the time Romeo had sealed his fate by dueling with and killing Juliet’s cousin, I had come to life. Shirley was keeping a close eye on me. This is NOT something one can sleep through. Of course, it was all down-hill from there for the love-struck couple and I came home afterwards, to a let-down feeling.

Housework seemed particularly unappealing after such passionate love on-screen. And what about all that flowery speech? That was just as romantic. All of us ladies present decided we had never had such romantic attentions paid to us from OUR husbands. No one had written us any poetry … or taken poison because they thought we were dead, either. If we want romance – at this late stage – I’m afraid we’ll have to watch movies … but I really don’t mind at all … it’s quite okay with me!

Still, I tell myself I must make myself get up and do this work. It won’t get done by thinking about love and sitting here in my own little world doing nothing.

So, as I put all thoughts of Romeo & Juliet behind me, I begin to wonder how love-struck these two would have remained if they had lived and faced the usual struggles that life, children and marriage brings? A different story then methinks. Still, hooray for love stories for pure escapism.

Oh, it’s so nice sitting here as the late afternoon comes in. I feel grateful to have some time to myself, to have calming classical music playing on the radio in the background as I get up to face the music, a different kind of music … one that is far less enchanting: a dirty house!