Dear friends, I wrote this post on January 30th 2012, when I first began my Blogging Challenge. I often come across it on my Statistics page … it pops up again and again when people Google the saying. I’ve even seen my photograph of the plaque on someone else’s blog – with acknowledgement – which was very nice. So today, please enjoy ‘Nearer God’s Heart in a Garden.’

“Hi to everyone again!

Have you ever heard the expression “bird-brain?’ It is usually said in a derogatory manner.

Today, I can understand where this expression comes from! You would think, after all the rain we have had for a week, that the birds who use the bird bath in our garden, would know where to find water when the top (tray) of the bird bath was missing?

No, there they were sitting on the rim of the bird bath (minus the tray ) staring down the hole and wondering why oh why they could not find water?! The concrete tray is presently being repaired due to cracks. There is water lying around everywhere but no, habit is such, that they went to the bird bath. No luck today birdies. See? Bird-brains!”

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