Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

For this week’s writing challenge, we’re asking you to explore what age means to you. Is the the loss of youth, or the cultivation of wisdom? Do things get better as you grow older, or worse? There are many ways to interpret age, often depending on your relationship with the passing of time.

Hello all

Here I am at last! I’m not sure how I have managed to write this post.

I did it in between a busy weekend filled with grandchildren and plenty of other activities earlier in the week. Please enjoy it … despite being thrown together whenever I got a spare a moment to myself! Life is not the same if I am not writing so let’s get down to business.

I was drawn to the Weekly Writing Challenge this week, because I would like to write my memoir and one of the suggestions was that we write a synopsis of our memoir in this post. But dear friends, I couldn’t do it! I don’t feel ready to write my memoir as yet. There are certain things that need to be achieved and wisdom that needs to be learned before I can do it. Does this bother me? No, not really because I believe there will be a right time and a right place. Until that time, I have contented myself with this little verse.

Please enjoy!

Painted by Daniel Hibbit  http://vimeo.com/56833749

Painted by Daniel Hibbit


There was a time when I was young

and the sky was blue

and the mango tree swayed gently in the breeze as we played in it.

There was a time when life was sweet

and laughter flowed

and we teenagers knew the world was ours.

There was a time when all this changed

when innocence was lost

and life took on a different hue.

Childhood gone forever … adulthood came creeping in

slowly … ever so slowly

until it possessed my entire being

and my laughter faded until it became a whisper

Yes, there was a time … so much time …

when I was young … carefree and unattached

Until the time when love was sought

and children came

babies goo’d and games were played

When homework consumed us

and teacher reports came in

Time to be enjoyed … or hated

as children quarrelled

and we longed for child-rearing to end!

Then the house was stilled … as children quietly  left one by one

and we were bereft.

This was time then when careers were sought

and two of us remained

Not sure what words to to speak

Or what was left for us …

as we sought the path to new-found freedom.

There was a time when weddings came

and grandchildren were born

Life came alive again

as we laughed and giggled

and goo’d once again before time ran out

There was a time when realisation came:

… we had grown older

and the last phase of life was here

We wondered how long was left to us

as friends and relatives died too young.

We watched as our children juggled work, children and duty

While we retired and enjoyed our freedom

Time now to help a little

Mind grandchildren … read to little ones

play Lego on the floor

bake cake pops with older ones

Travel overseas

and grow old gracefully

or disgracefully depending on our antics

     This was the very best way to use our time, live well,

meet friends for lunch

or read all day as the sun shined brightly overhead.

Yes, there have been Times …

the Best of Times

… and the Worst of Times

And now we live life to the full

while the sky remains blue

but the mango tree no longer sways in the breeze.

Cut down in its prime to make way for housing

Life has changed … innocence gone forever

technology rules the roost

   and we are lucky we can keep up.

Out of the ashes of our life surely knowledge and wisdom remains?

Yet “knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”

 sings Jimi Hendrix

So surely we must learn to LISTEN

as our children speak and find their way

Gently guiding them as time goes by

… and we wait for the final curtain.

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