Hello all

I spent yesterday morning baking … something I haven’t done for quite a while so I thoroughly enjoyed it! Whilst doing it, I realised that I was thinking about Jamie Oliver thanks to his great food processor.

You see, I made two loaf cakes both gluten-free: a banana cake and a carrot cake with not a whiff of sugar to be seen ( well perhaps a little icing sugar for the cream cheese icing for the carrot cake … but does that count??)

I just threw the ingredients into my lovely new Jamie Oliver Food Processor and pressed the button. Oh, how I love this unit!  And, what’s more, I think I’m in LOVE with Jamie Oliver himself! What is it about Jamie? He knows what women want, not just when cooking, but also with appliances. Could this be because he COOKS I wonder? I wish he would come and live at my house with all his cooking skills … and bring his appliances with him.

This is the food processor with so many extras.

This is the food processor with so many extras.

No. This is NOT an ad for Jamie or his food processor! I just happen to believe he is a very clever cook and he has invented the best food processor I have ever used … and dear friends, I know what I’m talking about because I did do some thorough research before my old one gave up the ghost and I bought the new one before Christmas.

In fact, I never even thought about buying a Jamie Oliver one but when I was at the store I saw it and thought it had a lot of great features but we decided that $180 was far more than we wanted to spend before Christmas.

If I am going to tell the whole tale, I actually told the lady it looked nice but I thought it was too dear so we were heading to another retailer, when she surprised us by saying those magic words: “let me see what I can do” before disappearing wherever it is they disappear to.

Have you ever heard these magic words when you’re out looking for a good deal? It’s like music to one’s ears because we think the price is fixed … well don’t we? No it isn’t! I ended up getting the unit for $135 and now that I have it AND use it a lot I wonder why I thought it was expensive.

But enough about food processors and Jamie, I want to tell you about cakes. You see, the diet I am on for the Gym Challenge (see my Diary Entries for details https://tessross.wordpress.com/daily-resolutions-diary/march-2014-diary-ongoing) is called ‘Clean Eating.’  It simply means that you read labels and consume nothing containing additives; you cut out sugar, wheat flour, unhealthy fats and large quantities of meat.

And yes, you can have loads of coconut milk, cream and oil … and even small amounts of butter rather than margarine. You can eat sweets as long as they are sweetened with honey, maple syrup or other whole sugars.

And then there is CAKE …

I simply cannot give up eating cake and biscuits! Sure you cannot eat too much ordinary cake and biscuits, but you can have a small serve of a Clean Eating cake or biscuit if you are going to consume something sweet. Love it … love it!

This is the reason I have been making these healthy cakes. I have my son and his wife coming for morning tea today so I wanted some healthy things for us to eat. Considering my son’s gym produced two books called Angels and Demons Ethos Clean Eating (I edited the second book) I know he loves to eat healthy so it was a good excuse to make the biggest mess in my kitchen (I am such a messy cook dear friends).

Therefore my two cakes were consumed today at morning tea and everyone was delighted with them and I’ve still got some leftovers for the next couple of days.

But, I must finish up this post as it’s getting late so let me get back to Jamie Oliver. This young man who was born in 1975, has amazed me over the years. I wasn’t too fussed when he started … such a cocky young fellow who was always licking the spoon and digging his hands into food. Did you ever see him wash those hands? I never once saw him …  yet somehow I liked him.

Jamie with my other love: his food processor!

Jamie with my other love: his food processor!

Over the years he has just got better and better, going from strength to strength with his cooking and working hard to help the disadvantaged. He’s tried to address the issue of obesity with his Ministry of Food books and shows, going into schools to show the kids how to cook.

It seems at times he can do not wrong! But who knows what he’s like to live with? I’d like to have a chat to his wife “Jules” to find out dear friends, but let me keep my fantasy going and stay ‘in love’ with him and his food processor for a little bit longer.

I love some of the things he has said. Recently, Oliver told the Radio Times:

“I don’t like chefs that go round shouting and swearing. If they treated my students like that they’d get pans round their heads. You can’t do it.”

Don’t our young ones need role models like Jamie? I never thought I would see this man come of age as he has through the years. And he can laugh at himself too as my research shows. This week he was opening a restaurant in Hong Kong when he messed up a little:

“Hong Kong fans of British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver were left in stitches after the television star proved his cooking is better than his Cantonese, when he announced ‘I will open an amazing Italian submarine’ in the city.

In a light-hearted YouTube video, the chef stumbled through some tricky Cantonese vocabulary, promising his fans the restaurant would be “very slippery”, before collapsing with the giggles. The video has received more than 35,000 hits since it was posted on Tuesday. Check it out:  http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1440961/im-opening-submarine-jamie-oliver-struggles-cantonese-he-announces.

And with that friends, I will bid you good-night and go to bed feeling very content after a lovely day with my grandchildren and dreaming of Jamie Oliver coming round to my place … to make me one of his 30 Minute Meals. What I wouldn’t give to have him living in my house for at least a week. Oh … the thought of it. No wonder I think I’m in love with Jamie Oliver … what women wouldn’t be?