Thanks to those who showed me how important it was to have people care when the chips are down. It helped enormously!

Hello all

You know the saying ‘Home Sweet Home?”‘ Well, I know the magic of this saying, for it is how I felt when we arrived home after lunch yesterday. What a whirlwind of a few days we have had! I wasn’t  going to write but as I lay in bed with a relapse of the sinus bug I’ve had, I wrote this prayer verse to God about how I was feeling and thought I would share it with you.

My tirade is perpetuated with the words: “And yet … “ because every time I thought of all the awful things, a thought would come to me about the good things that had balanced it all out.

Home Sweet Home

Lord, there are tears close to the surface

I want to cry but I’m not even sure why

I’m sad and life has lost its shine today

I went through so much this week I scarce can take it in!

I’ve stopped and as I look back I see that so many things were going on:

  • Sylvia’s illness: will she survive this?
  • Frustrated by her husband telling everyone she’ll never come home
  • Fighting off a virus bug and headaches
  • Maria’s girls fighting and running away on Sun night in the rain!
  • My tooth filling coming out and no one able to fix it
  • Not being able to eat or talk because of it cutting my tongue
  • Poor Geoff with the car breaking down … not once but twice!
  • His glasses falling apart in his hands
  • Searching in the car for dentists without success
  • Me losing my good watch along the way

I feel attacked Lord by unseen forces … it hurts!

 And yet …

A dentist phoned later on feeling sorry for me and fitting me in

Maria came to rescue me while Geoff waited for breakdown service

Then there was my sorrow over Sylvia mixed in with all the difficulties

Wanting to scream but unable to do so

Holding it all together as we came and went to the hospital

Lord, how did I survive it all?

I really don’t know!

 And yet …

Grace and strength was given when I needed it

The night booked at a Caloundra Resort was a reprieve for our weary souls

Sure, it was home to chaos as bags were unpacked and things put away

So much still to do but no energy to do it

And then a sleepless night coughing …. thoughts running rampant

As I tried to make sense of the week that was

Living on painkillers, nasal sprays and pills to keep going

What was it all about Lord?

And where to from here?

Now I’ve stopped I’ve fallen in a heap

So weighed down by all that has happened

Sadness over the difficulties of life

Quieten my spirit Lord and give me comfort today

Fill the places in my heart that are hurting … with your warmth and your love

The Gym Challenge beckons tonight and tomorrow

But I’m too tired and sick to care

And yet …

Perhaps I will wait and start back at the gym with Pat on Tuesday instead?

Quietly does it … allow time to heal

For as I write I realise Geoff’s working today has given me space

Time to myself

A message this morning says Shakespeare classes are cancelled on Monday

God always knew that I would have this time after all!

Thank you Lord

Thank you for grace given to keep going when I needed to

And time and space to rest now that it is over

I am consoled by the amazing sight of Sylvia sitting in her chair

So much better as we left than when we arrived

And yes …

I think I’ll take a deep, deep breathe and relax

Before the next round of engagements start-up in another week’s time

Next week is looking free and easy

I am feeling better already

Oh Lord, how sweet it is:

Home … Sweet … Home!