Hello all

There has been many things going on in my life this last week but I have soldiered on writing as if every single thing couldn’t be better! It’s strange how us women know how to do that isn’t it?

Now for the reality …

During this last week, we had word that my husband’s sister  was seriously ill in hospital with a suspected diagnosis of cancer and all her organs were failing. She lives at Hervey Bay four hours drive north of us and we need to go and see her, however there was a problem …

Two months ago, we’d booked a week’s holiday at the beachside town of Coff’s Harbour which is a four hour’s drive south of here. What to do? Really, in the end, as Geoff’s sister’s health deteriorated, we knew that there was no decision to make: we MUST go. Forget holidaying. Who’s going to enjoy a beach holiday at a time like this?

Then on Thursday at the gym, I was feeling really crook but pushed myself to keep going. Instead, I hit the wall when the personal trainer we’d hired pushed me far harder than I needed – at that moment – to be pushed. One push too far dear friends.

And I cried ‘enough!’ I stopped the weight machine I was working on and said firmly to her: “No, I am not going to do this today … I’m having a coffee and going home. I feel terrible! That, my friends, was the very last straw for me. Previously to this little bit of drama, I paid $25 to have a body analysis test at the gym. Again I felt pushed. I protested saying I was feeling too sick … wouldn’t the machine pick up that my body was unwell?” The reply was “No no no no!”

Wrong. Oh yes yes yes yes … it did!

It turns out the machine told me my metabolic body age was that of an 82-year-old. It gave my weight as 4 ks heavier than the three different machines I weigh myself on (one only two days before) and some other information was also completely ridiculous.

My response was: “Well, right this moment, I do feel 82 years of age!” So, I promptly had my coffee and went home to bed where I stayed until yesterday. It seems I have a virus. I felt I had overdone things that morning and made myself worse, instead of better.

Oh ain’t life interesting folks? Now here is some positive news out of all this:

The seaside town of Hervey Bay

The seaside town of Hervey Bay

My gym buddy and in-law Pat and her husband, were coming down to Coffs to spend some days with us anyway and they are now taking the holiday and inviting their daughter to come down with them. They deserve it as they are so good to us in many many ways. Besides, it involves no up-front cash only holiday credits.

Geoff and I are heading for Hervey Bay tomorrow and our daughter and her children are coming along too.

I decided to quit the Personal Trainer as I felt she was pushing too much and I do not need that. Lovely lady and very kind but I do not need pushing! I nearly quit the whole 9 Week Challenge but thought better of it after a good sleep.  Back to my own pace. And I skipped the Boot Camp this morning as well (don’t you hate that term?? Imagine what it conjures up?)

Feeling mighty powerful today folks … even if I still feel a bit yucky. I’ve had a good rest and I’m on the mend. All good.

However everything is not bad, for instance, on Wednesday I had the most wonderful day at South Bank Parklands near the city, catching up with a friend I have known for thirty years. As I came home on the bus in the afternoon, I had occasion to write in Poppy Journal. I wanted to end this post by sharing the GOOD times not just the BAD times with you all.

19th February 2014

“On the way home after a lovely day with my friend. We spent far too much time gas-bagging and stayed later than we planned. Seeking to leave by 2pm to avoid a bus-load of school children, we failed miserably for I’m  now on the bus loaded with school children!

Really … does it matter? Why is it when we get older we want to keep ourselves out of the fullness of life? We avoid crowds at the movies, crowds at the shops, always avoiding any times of busyness. Strange really because we need to keep IN the flow of life not OUT of it in order to stay alert and alive.

The bougainvillea walk

The bougainvillea walk

I reminds me of last week when I caught the bus with my granddaughter Alice (12) from her High School. The bus was packed to the rafters with teenage-type girls from her school … and I loved every single moment of it: meeting her friends, the interactions and the buzz of being ‘one’ with a bunch of school girls who were only too happy to include “Alice’s Grandma!’ What an honour and a joy.

As I sit writing, the bus rattles and shakes making writing almost impossible but I need to get this down. I want to remember the day: the sun shining brilliantly over the South Bank Parklands and the warmth of the day as my friend and I walked along the bougainvillea covered walkway to Max Brenner’s Chocolate Cafe (where no butter was available for our banana bread, only melted chocolate … such decadence).

The man-made Surf Beach with the backdrop of city skyscrapers was covered with people who had been swimming and were now sunning themselves on the beach. It felt as if we were really at the Gold Coast and we soon fell into the relaxed rhythm of the place.

The surf beach at South Bank

The surf beach at South Bank

Imagine my surprise on ordering morning tea, to discover I had forgotten my purse when I changed handbags! So embarrassing. But thank God  for my friend who insisted on paying my way, shouting me a lovely lunch at a good restaurant (with champagne to boot); all because she had only just received ANOTHER inheritance of $30,000 only a few years after a far more generous inheritance came her way which secured her a beautiful unit overlooking the bay. Thank God for cousins with no children!

My friend has been a widow for many years, overcoming many things: very lean times, cancer scares, children worries and now she has been well provided for.  You know dear friends, some things are just meant to happen aren’t they? As I have told her for years, “One day God will reward you for what you have gone through … monetary and otherwise … I just know it.”

It seems my prediction has indeed come true and no one could be happier than me …