WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

“What do you treasure? What’s most important to you? It doesn’t have to be of any monetary value but something that you would not like to part with … something that is priceless to you but of no value to anyone else.”


Let the games begin …

Hello all

The year was 1985. All was hushed and secretive as my daughter Maria (then 12) and son Daniel (8) went about their task. It involved the sewing machine. Maria was very good at sewing … even at her age. Just like my sister and my mother before her, by the time she was 15/16, she would whip up new dresses and skirts on a whim before going out.

As the years have gone by,  Maria has stopped sewing but she still loves fashion and has the very best taste in clothes  and accessories. Her house is a showpiece as well … but I digress! On this particular day in 1985, dresses were not in the mix at all. I couldn’t work out exactly what was going on … try as I might.

Maria was cutting out pieces of fabric and I’m not sure exactly what Daniel’s role was in this affair (what good would an 8 year boy be at such a time?) Possibly, he was there as support: making sure it all happened and encouraging Maria as she went along.

I have to admit that I can’t even remember what the occasion was for the making of this gift but I suspect it was something to do with our wedding anniversary. Every time I came close to looking, Daniel would shoo me away.

When the finished product appeared, I was gobsmacked. It turned out to be a wall hanging … an original piece designed and made by our children.  It was so beautiful. So thoughtful too. Such love and effort went into making this wall hanging that it I have always treasured it.

It hung on the wall for many years, but as the kids grew up and left home, it became old hat and it was washed and put away for safe keeping.

Today, I got the wall hanging out of the cupboard. I looked at it again with fresh eyes and was once again touched by the love that went into the making of this piece. It is a treasure that I have had now  for 30 years.

I do hope my daughter will want it as a keepsake long after I am gone.

The wall hanging made with a

The wall hanging made by my daughter with help from her brother.

A close up of the sun: not perfect but who cares?

A close up of the sun: not perfect but who cares?

The cloud all puckered up still looks beautiful

The cloud all puckered up still looks beautiful

The tree is amazing!

The tree is amazing!

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