Hello all

I’m back!

After a hectic night with my beautiful grandchildren, being entertained and delighted (not to mention run ragged) I have returned to finish this post and tell you seven things about myself. I’m surprised I have the energy left to write anything! However, after coming home and having a nice relaxing day pottering around, I am now motivated to finish my obligations to this Award thing.

1-inner-peace-award-2Now, let’s see where we’re at with all this. I have to slap myself over the face with a wet dishcloth to remember dear friends, but here goes.

The rules of the Inner Peace Award are:

1. Display the logo on a post.  √

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link to his/her site.√

These two have been done and dusted yesterday … thank you very much indeed!

3. State seven things about you.

Now let me address number 3: Seven Things About Me

  1. Remember those sheer nylon stockings? Who remembers Hilton Pets stockings?

    Who remembers Hilton Pets stockings?

    My very first job after leaving High School at 16 was going to all the Department Stores in the city and counting boxes of stockings (yes, I did say STOCKINGS! No such things as panty-hose in 1963). I worked for Hilton Hosiery as a Junior Office Assistant and the boss was supposed to count the stockings  but he left me to do the honours. I rather liked this as it got me out of the office and I could take breaks whenever I liked. We also had lingerie parades at the office showroom and the Boss’s secretary and I used to love fraternising with the models and eating all the food that was provided for these occasions. It was a change from the routine every few months.

  2. I have done a lot of public speaking throughout my life which included the hosting of Fashion Parades. I was even the MC for my graduation ceremony from Tafe when I completed Year 12 before going to University as a mature-age student.  My public speaking came about in a strange way when I was 17 years old and I was elected the President of our  church youth group (The Young Christian Workers). It was an appointment that was not welcomed by two of the older girls who wanted the job and thought I was far too young. However, the other girls did not agree and said I was the one with the necessary skills. This led to monthly meetings in the city, attending camps and conferences where I had to learn to speak and represent our parish. Obviously I learned enough to continue speaking in front of crowds!

  3. A lot of people will already know that I spent 2 years in a Novitiate studying to be a nun when I was almost 20 years of age, but what they don’t know about that time was how I did the typing and office work including gestetner copying, for the Novitiate,. This meant I was able to keep my skills up to date and when I left, it was easy for me to get an office job.

  4. The office job I did get when I left the convent was with an Optical Supply company. It was such a big culture shock for me after working previously in the Commonwealth Bank for three years and being in the convent. However, I was so lonely there (there were about 20 men and only three girls) that I prayed for God to send me a friend. Within two weeks, one of the girls was caught stealing money from the til and was chased down the street, caught and sacked! My friend Jenny – widowed at just 20 years of age – was employed and she became the answer to my prayers. We are still friends to this day.

  5. When I left the convent, a lot of my so-called ‘dearest friends’ had moved on with their lives and I found myself with no one to go out with. It was my first real lesson in learning about losing friends. I had to make all new friends and besides Jenny, it was another ten years before I made some really close friends again. Perhaps I was reticent after my bad experience. These women are still my dearest friends today.

  6. After twelve months working at the Optical Supply Co, Jenny and I decided to leave and go on a working holiday beginning at a small mining town in the wild west of Queensland before travelling around the country. We had a great adventure there and stayed for six months but never managed to travel to any other place! We loved it too much to leave … but eventually I had to come home to be a bridesmaid at a wedding and strangely enough so too did Jenny. Even stranger was the fact that the names of both wedding parties were Jeanette and John!

  7. Jenny and I planned to go back to our working holiday after being bridesmaids here in Brisbane, but again in another twist of fate, both of us met our future husbands while we were working to save money so we could continue our travels. How amazing was that? It was the end of our adventures in the wild west!

No. 3 is now done and dusted. √

4. Nominate fourteen other bloggers & inform them via a comment on their blog.

Which brings me to this last rule …. No. 4. Sorry, but I simply cannot nominate 14 blogs for this Award. I’d never do anything else if I read 14 blogs a day (or even week) dear friends! Therefore, I’m going to have to pass on this one until later. Let me get my act together first …

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