Hello dear friends

Well, I’m back to write after a lovely lazy Public Holiday for Australia Day on Monday. Geoff and I slept in … yes, Pat and I skipped the gym which felt so decadent … and then Geoff and I went out for lunch to a Lebanese Cafe hidden away in a very dodgy part of Brisbane at a suburb near us known as Woodridge. This suburb had such a bad reputation that they tried changing the name to Logan City but friends, everyone still KNOWS it is really ‘Woodridge!’


Rockys Bakehouse and Cafe

Geoff had the word that this cafe had genuine Lebanese food. Being half Lebanese  we went off to eat and were not disappointed. When we walked inside the cafe from the decrepit little shopping centre, we were transported into another world filled with tables covered in white tablecloths and murals along the walls.  Of course, hubba bubbas for smoking were in evidence also.

After a REAL kebab and beautiful coffee, I bought some Turkish Delights for afternoon tea which proved to be just like the ones of my childhood eaten by my Lebanese grandparents. What a great find! We can’t wait to go back at night and perhaps see the belly dancer performing.

Yes, it was a good post-Australia Day holiday and I really enjoyed myself catching up on some blogs and websites that I follow and often don’t get time to read. I love days like that! Even though I am mainly retired, there is nothing like a Public Holiday to give me permission to be totally decadent … a bit like a Sunday really.

When I was growing up, my mother thought that us children should be doing something useful whenever possible. There was no time to sit around. No, not allowed! But come Sunday … one WAS allowed to sit around … after church that is and after helping get a hot meal on the table for lunch. There was no TV in those days so on Sunday afternoons we had a small window of opportunity to do what we liked. No wonder I love Sundays and Public Holidays … old habits die hard folks!

Now about these blogs and websites I mentioned earlier, I must tell you about them.

I spent time yesterday reading a website called Your Brain Health. The title of the feature that interested me on this site was called ‘The Walking Book Club” which I thought was a great idea. But there were and article about why finding your passion in life and doing it, is good for your brain health.

Then there was the list of 21 blogs about brain health that Dr. Sarah McKay PhD from Brain Health recommends. I learned so much about the brain that I became excited dear friends. Check this site out if you want to know more about your brain … or you can find Sarah on Facebook www.facebook.com/YourBrainHealth?fref=ts.

On the top of Gabrielle's building where she celebrated Australia Day

On the top of Gabrielle’s building where she celebrated Australia Day

Also, for some years now I have been listening in the early hours of Saturday morning (when I cannot sleep) to an Australian woman who lives in the heart of New York city. Her name is Gabrielle Fitzgerald and she talks to the radio presenter about happenings in New York. She always has such interesting stories to tell. Gabrielle also has a blog called: The Fitzy Report.com which I love to read.

At this point, I want to give you ‘a report on The Fitzy Report!’ You know, it’s a bit like a photo of a person taking a photo, type of thing. Yesterday I caught up with three posts, all of them highly interesting. I will give you a little taste of all three: click on each heading to read the full article. Gabrielle writes:

“The skies this morning in NYC were as blue as the poster outside The Australian, (a cafe in NY) but the icicles on the balcony opposite us, and the snow stilled whipped into frozen peaks outside our windows, reminded us that while it was not exactly barbecue weather, it was perfect for keeping the lamingtons from melting.

Not that there was any chance of them lasting that long, especially when the whole city had been alerted to the auspiciousness of the day. It was a proud moment to see the green and gold beaming out from the Empire State Building tonight – a first thanks to Mr Jackman. It helps to have friends in high places.”

At the Apollo in Harlem yesterday, WNYC, the most listened to radio station in the USA, assembled an amazing group of ‘thought leaders’ for a conversation about NYC in 2014 based on the moral compass established by Martin Luther King Jr in the 14 years of his public life. It was an inspiring event, bursting with intelligence, history and music. There was a Buddhist Baptist, political historians, professors, a congressman and filmmakers.  The conversation weaved through politics, culture, faith, education and justice, all the time reflecting back to the influence of King and where we stand now, 50 years on from the signing of the Civil Rights Law. It was not a nostalgic gathering, but more a measure of then and now.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset“It seemed an extremely appropriate activity to see a show called Disaster on my birthday. Even though I prefer to look forward rather than back, it was all too poetic, and the temptation too great to see a performance that merged the disaster movies of the seventies with the music of the same era.

Had it been a slick Broadway show with millions of dollars spent on production, I might have been more sceptical of the rave reviews. But here we were at St Luke’s on West 46th in what must have been the church hall, slightly dilapidated and hokey, and with a perfectly lovely quote from Danny Kaye at the entrance. Going in with that thought, I knew the show would be good regardless.”

Perhaps I am a voyeur dear friends? Am I living vicariously through Gabrielle in New York City? If I am I don’t care for I just love knowing what is going on in the other side of the world as I go about my humble life here in Australia. It makes me aware of what an Australian women’s life is like on the other side of the world. Maybe in the same way, my overseas followers like to know what I am doing on this side of the world? Interesting eh?

Always good to dream dear friends: keep dreaming … keep being enamored by what others are doing in other places and be inspired to do things for yourself in your humble little part of the world. Someone somewhere, will always think it is wonderful!