Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror.

WordPress asks us today to:

“Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED”.

Hello dear friends

This Daily Prompt today really spoke to me;  it stirred memories and thoughts of when I first looked in the mirror some years ago and saw that I was aging; what a shock that was for me! Therefore,  I have decided to to address it and write … so here goes:

Must I really look in the mirror? Who is it I am going to see there? Is it really ME that stares back at me as I stand still and gaze at my reflection. What happened to the young girl I feel exists on the inside. Well … perhaps not young … youngish maybe?

MirrorTruthWhen did that reflection begin to look so much like my mother? “Hey Mum, are you up there looking down on me creating some sort of sick joke perhaps? Yes, I believe you are!”

“Do you know Mum, that in odd  moments,  I visualise myself in about twenty or thirty years time; I am up in heaven and I look down and see  MY daughter … and she is seeing the same illusion of ME that I’m seeing of YOU right now.

And I’m hoping she gets the shock of her life … just like I do every time I pass that mirror and see your reflection mocking me. Then, she’ll understand what it is to be THIS AGE!”

Oh, these hard done by thoughts come to me sometimes when I am feeling taken for granted by the young. The truth of the matter is that I took my mother for granted when I was around age 40 (the age my daughter is now) and sometimes when I look in the mirror and I see Mum’s face, I feel sad about that. So much I did not understand when I was that age. But now? Oh .. how I do understand!

I ponder: will  this happen to MY daughter? And if so, it is okay … for we cannot know what we do not know when we are younger. We cannot force wisdom and knowledge before its time … for only age gives us the information we  gain through years of living. Hopefully, we learn as we get older.

We all like to think we look more exciting in the mirror!

We see what we want to see in the mirror!

And as I take another look in the mirror, the penny drops. I realise that I AM the same person that I feel inside! Sure, gone is the ‘youngish’ girl who had the world ahead of her and wondered what she would do with it. She knows now what that was … but in another part of her being she has finally understood that she still does have the world ahead of her, but not in the same way as when she was younger … and that is okay. She is not dead yet!

Yes, I have come through middle age and after much thinking and working through issues, I have come to accept and even embrace my older age.  It surprises me to write this! I have come to see that I still have much to look forward to: that I must make new goals every year … that I must look forward to learning and changing and growing. If I give up and say it is all over, then I will surely die … of boredom if nothing else! 

My face in the mirror smiles at me … beckons me to embrace the ‘grandmother image’ I see in myself … beckons me to understand that my reflection will change again in a few years time … but that too is okay. Therefore, I say to that face that stares at me in the mirror:

“Tess, I will accept and love you even if I don’t think you look quite as I would like you to look! Time has changed your appearance but I don’t mind, for you see I can read your heart and as long as that gets more beautiful as the years pass by, you will always be fine in my book …”

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